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5 Meevo 2 Features to Make You More Productive

July 27, 2018

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Your software system is the foundation of your productivity. Maximize its features and it can help you increase average ticket, improve client retention and frequency of visit, boost your bottom line and so much more. In the spirit of this month’s blog theme, productivity, we’ve revealed some of the top ways Meevo 2 can help save your team time while earning more revenue.

5 Meevo 2 Features to Save You Time

From how salons and spas function to how they grow, Meevo 2 is derived from decades of research and experience in the salon and spa industries. Here are five ways the cloud software can help you save time and increase productivity.


Greatly decrease the time it takes to book clients with the revolutionary Convobar®. Type or speak in dates, employees, or services, and more to instantly find what you need. For example, typing in “haircut with Jen or Chelsea today or tomorrow” will instantly morph the Appointment Book to only showcase Jen and Chelsea’s columns for the dates specified. The Convovbar® also allows you to type in shortcuts to instantly take you anywhere in the software such as register, reports, and goals.

Wait List and Online Booking

Free up your phones and remove some of the workload from your Front Desk with Meevo 2’s Waitlist and Online Booking platform. Let’s say a client wants an appointment with Ruth, but she’s booked for the next two weeks. The client asks to be put on the Waitlist in case something opens up. As soon as Meevo 2 recognizes an opening on the book, it will automatically send a text message to Ruth asking if she’d like the appointment. If she confirms yes, Meevo 2 automatically books the appointment.

Meevo 2’s powerful Online Booking platform can be customized to fit your brand. Give your clients an ownership in the booking process. They will appreciate the flexibility, and convenience – a necessity in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Service Add-Ons and Rebooking Prompts

When booking an appointment, Meevo 2 automatically prompts with service add-on suggestions. These add-ons are specific to the service to enhance the client experience with extra cost, but no extra time for the service provider (ex. scalp massage at the bowl). This feature not only saves your team time when booking appointments but also boosts average ticket to drive increased revenue.

When checking out, Meevo 2 automatically prompts for the next appointment to be rebooked. This helps your team implement a culture of rebooking that increases FOV and client retention.

Swap/Split Packages

Do you have membership client that wants to substitute their monthly Swedish Massage for a Hot Stone Massage? Not a problem. Meevo 2 allows you to swap and split services directly in the register to save your team time when checking out clients.

Millennium Academy

Make the most of Meevo 2 with its intuitive online learning component, Millennium Academy. Dive into everything you need to know about your software with training videos, self-check quizzes, exams and downloadable resources. The Millennium Academy can help fuel your onboarding process, train new team members, and be your go-to resource for best practices every step of the way.

Get Meevo 2 Certified

Ready to take your career to the next level and become an invaluable asset to your team? Become Meevo 2 certified in inventory, front desk or management at The Millennium Exerpeince 2018. Learn industry best practices and learn how to maximize your software. For more information, visit

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