Meevo Inventory Sales and Usage Report with Melissa Eppinger | Robert Andrews Salon & Spa

July 26, 2023

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Melissa Eppinger, Co-Owner & President of Robert Andrews Salon & Spa, is here to tell you all about her favorite Meevo feature and how it impacts her successful salon business!

Watch the video blog above or read the transcript below.


“Hi, my fellow Meevo community members! I’m Melissa Eppinger, and I’m co-owner and president of the fabulous Robert Andrews Salon & Spa in Maryland. We have been using the software for over 25 years, and I’m also a Meevo Ambassador.


My absolute favorite feature is actually a report and it’s the Inventory Sales & Usage report (MI047). The reason I love it so much is because it gives you a full-year snapshot of every skew by month, how many units you’ve sold, how many are on hand, as well as the supply portion of a professional product and how many have been used.


The reason that I really do love the Sales & Usage report is because I can check by every skew before I place my orders and see how many have sold or how many have been used professionally, and then determine if I need to order that product or not.


I highly recommend that you take a stock level based on this report. It will tell you how many products based on your time period that you’re going to be using or selling so you can set your stock levels and easily go into your purchase orders to create an auto PO based on the level you have on hand.


Just remember – “G.I.G.O.” – Garbage in, garbage out. You want to make sure you take an accurate count and have your on-hand inventory set properly or you won’t be able to use this report effectively. Anyone I talk to or work with, I highly recommend that they use the Inventory Sales & Usage Report to set their levels for analyzing and inventory usage, and also to make sure that your sales are being monitored properly so you have accurate accounting and are tracking your usage.”


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