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17 Easy Ways to Give Thanks to Your Salon or Spa Staff

November 08, 2019

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Your staff is the backbone of your salon or spa business, so showing them that you care for and appreciate them can go a long way. Here are 17 easy ideas to show your love and boost morale for your business.
1. Cheers from peers: Create compliment cards so your staff can write praise to each other.


2. Holiday celebrations: Celebrate holidays both big and small to brighten the mood.


3. Letters of appreciation to your team members: Write handwritten letters about the growth you’ve seen in your staff. A little will go a long way when you show them they’re valued.


4. Themed dress code days: Whether silly or in line with holidays, allow your staff to showcase their creativity through costumes.


5. Donuts or surprise snack at work: Nothing brightens someone’s day like a surprise treat. It’s a cheap and easy way to diffuse work tensions.


6. Superlatives: Create end-of-year superlatives for each team member like “Most likely to…” “The best at…”


7. Team shirts: If you haven’t already, get your team matching shirts from your salon or spa. Nothing unifies a group like some cute swag that they can wear both to work and out on the town.


8. Surprise discount week: Give them exclusive discounts and offers as a surprise ‘thank you’.


9. Celebrate milestones: Recognize how long each employee has been dedicated to your company and celebrate with the team!


10. Team bonding outside of work: Put together a pizza night, bowling extravaganza, or mix it up with laser tag. Get everyone involved and make a night of it.


11. Always keep them informed: Whether you keep a bulletin board in the back or send weekly recap emails, keep your team in the loop with everything new going on so they’re on the same page!


12. Plan an annual picnic: Close your salon or spa for the day to create an annual picnic where you can work on mingling and team bonding.


13. Take suggestions for how you could improve the workplace: Ask your employees how you could improve their lives working for you either directly or through anonymous notecards.


14. Implement fun and easy perks like summer Fridays: A free way to make work a little more exciting and give something to look forward to.


15. Always say please and thank you: Remember the importance of manners. Show your team that you value their time and effort by practicing politeness.


16. Start a buddy program or mentoring program for new employees: Integrate new members into your team more quickly by giving them a buddy to help show them the
ropes of your culture.


17. Bring in interesting speakers and guest educators that they’ll learn from and enjoy: Your business will benefit from the education and they’ll love the change of pace.


How do you normally thank your employees? Which of these ideas did you like best? Let us know on Instagram @SpeakMillennium or Facebook.

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