Give Your Clients the Ultimate Holiday Experience

November 16, 2018

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The end of the year is centered around joy, family, and gratitude, so how can your business be part of the warm and fuzzy feelings? We’ve put together a few things you can add to your business to spread holiday cheer and provide your clients with the best experience.

Cultivate the “Holiday Spirit”

Research shows that holiday music and scents actually make customers happier — as long as the right balance is struck.

Why? Music and other sensory experiences have a powerful effect on our subconscious, thus altering our mood. When we hear music we like, we feel good, and that translates to positive feelings about wherever we are at the time. Furthermore, we’re more inclined to like the selection of products and the staff at the business. The same is true if we hear music that triggers positive memories, like past holidays with family or special traditions.

Holiday Decor

Nothing fosters holiday cheer quite like a beautifully decorated space. Adding a holiday touch to your salon or spa will help make your holiday appointments extra special. Keep in mind that not all of your clients celebrate Christmas, so be sure to add some winter decorations too, like lights and snowflakes. Don’t forget, a little goes a long way, you don’t want your decor to overpower your customer service.

Holiday Beverages

A simple touch you can add to your clients’ experience is to offer hot cocoa, cider or eggnog instead of water, tea, or coffee. If you’re feeling creative, offer some fun holiday concoctions for your clients to enjoy on a seasonal menu.

Free Gift Wrapping Station

Make your business a one-stop-shop for your clients this year and help them get all their holiday shopping done while being pampered at the same time. A free gift wrapping station is a great way for them to not only find the perfect gift but have it wrapped and ready to give. Your clients will appreciate the added convenience and be more likely to purchase in the future.

Holiday Service Menu

Holiday-themed services are a great way to increase end-of-year sales because many consumers are motivated to purchase limited time offers. Create an irresistible special holiday-themed service menu and give it to clients while they wait for their appointment. Consider adding the flavors of the season such as pumpkin, cranberry, brown sugar, mulled wine, peppermint, and more into your facials, scrubs, conditioning treatments, aromatherapies, nail colors, and other services.

Why Holiday Experiences Help Your Business Long-Term

Studies show that these positive feelings invoked from the holiday spirit don’t just encourage customers to spend more on the spot – they also create good memories surrounding your brand and the shopping experience, which promotes long-term loyalty.

A little holiday cheer can also help keep your employees motivated. The holidays are a busy time, and it’s easy to burn out before the year is over. Keeping spirits high during the holidays will make all the difference in their morale, motivation, and performance. Make sure your employees feel valued and that their work-life balance is honored during the holiday season so they too, can enjoy time with family and create new memories. Happy employees equal happy clients.

2018 Salon and Spa Holiday Marketing Calendar

We know the end of the year can be hectic and marketing can become a last minute thought. That’s why we’ve mapped out the holiday season with dates to form marketing campaigns around, monthly action plans, and even more statistics you need to know to make your campaign as successful as possible. Download our free holiday marketing calendar to maximize your revenue for the end of the year and surpass your goals.

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