Give Your Clients the Ultimate Holiday Experience

November 27, 2023

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As a salon owner, you know the power of word of mouth, client loyalty, and referrals. However, there’s another way you can elevate your services, increase your client base, and build lasting relationships, and that’s by providing a holiday experience where you give back to your clients.

Cultivate the Holiday Spirit

For many people, the holidays bring to mind wonderful memories and make everything look brighter. You can capture that sense of warmth and positivity in your business by embracing the season and creating an atmosphere that makes clients feel cozy and welcome. Here are a few ideas for brightening up your salon for the holidays:

  • Holiday decor: Adding seasonal decor like snowflakes and lights to your station can create a joyful atmosphere and enhance your clients’ experience.
  • Holiday beverages: Offer holiday-themed refreshments like eggnog and hot cocoa, in addition to tea and coffee.
  • Gift wrapping station: If you sell physical products, provide a complimentary gift wrapping service so your clients can have their gifts wrapped while they get pampered.
  • Holiday service menu: Clients are more motivated to buy limited-edition items during the holidays. Create a holiday-themed service menu around the colors and scents of pumpkin, cranberry, and brown sugar.

21 Salon Christmas Gifts for Clients

Do you know clients will spend 140% more at businesses that provide an excellent customer experience? The fact is, while clients need your business, you need them more, and enhancing your customer experiences can go a long way in retaining and building lasting relationships with them.

Giving out thank you or appreciation gifts over the holidays is an excellent way to enhance your client experience. It rewards your clients and shows your gratitude for their support while demonstrating that you care about their experience with your salon. This appreciation may leave a lasting impression for the new year, leading to more bookings and business stability.

To help you provide a memorable client holiday experience, here are 21 Christmas gift ideas for your salon clients.

1. Apron With Pockets

Help your clients prepare for their holiday cooking with a branded apron. It’s a great way to showcase your brand and provides your clients with a versatile gift they can use throughout the year. Plus, your salon logo on an apron is an excellent conversation starter.

2. Coffee or Tea Mug

You can never have enough coffee or tea mugs. Gift your clients a branded mug to enjoy hot chocolate, coffee, or tea. Snuggling up with a cuppa can spark warm conversations about your business and services.

3. Lip Balm

Most people appreciate a good lip balm, especially during a harsh winter. Plus, this gift has a way of making rounds in a group of friends, so it’s a great way to get your salon more recognition.

4. T-Shirt

If your clients are vacationing on a sunny island this Christmas, gift them a branded t-shirt for their getaway. A t-shirt with your slogan or salon colors might stand out on their holiday and get some welcomed attention.

5. Water Bottle

Help your client toward their new year’s fitness goals with a branded water bottle. A water bottle is a timeless and valuable gift your clients can use during the holidays, morning runs, and work commutes.

6. Journal

Give your client the gift of creativity, recipe creation, Christmas present planning, or creating New Year’s goals. Customize a cute journal with their name and your brand, and leave a sweet thank you message on the first page to express your gratitude.

7. Keychain

Help your clients find and accessorize their keys with a fashionable salon keychain. Add your logo and their name to it so they can talk about your business on their travels and adventures.

8. Charcuterie Board

Nothing gathers people around a table like a good charcuterie board. Gift your client a branded charcuterie or breadboard to decorate with delicious food for their friends and family. Plus, they’ll have a great story to share with their guests when the snacks are gone.

9. Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a sweet holiday favorite, and an excellent Christmas gift for hair salon clients. Prepare jars of hot chocolate mix for your clients to pack on their travels and share with their loved ones this Christmas.

10. Jewelry Box

Give your clients a branded jewelry box to store their accessories this holiday. A jewelry box is a thoughtful and practical gift that your clients can appreciate, especially if they need a space to put valuable items on their travels.

11. Scented Candles

A branded candle or two will help create a warm and cozy winter atmosphere. Add a ribbon and a sweet message, and let it light and warm your clients’ Christmas tables and homes.

12. Samples

Everyone loves free samples! Your clients get new branded products to use and share, and you get a great way to incentivize further business and market your brand. Make your samples travel-size, and you’ve got the perfect Christmas gift idea for your salon.

13. Cooler Bag

Whether your clients need to keep their meals cool on their travels or at work, a new cooler bag is a versatile and thoughtful gift. Add your logo and their name to make it more special.

14. Pocket Mirror

A phone screen isn’t always ideal for doing your makeup or checking your hair on the go. Pocket mirrors are a nifty gift for clients to keep in their bags and pockets.

15. Candy Jar

Make your customers’ days a little sweeter with a jar of candy. Add a personalized message to the container and load it with favorite treats your clients can enjoy throughout the holiday season.

16. Hair Accessories

Say thank you with a customized hair tie, band, clip, gel, or brush. Hair accessories are excellent, practical gifts your clients can use for any occasion.

17. Branded Swag Bag

Show your gratitude by gifting your clients a swag bag with a little of everything. Add branded mini shampoo, body wash, a candle, coffee, and a mug for the ultimate thank-you gift.

18. Sparkling Wine

An experience can last a long time with customers. Help your clients sit back and relax while their highlights set in with a glass of complimentary wine or sparkling juice, then give them a branded glass to take home after enjoying their bubbles.

19. Gift Vouchers

Gift your clients a free hair wash, treatment, or trim in the new year. This way, your clients can book their appointments early next year, keeping your chairs and business full. Plus, they have the option to transfer your voucher to a friend, which can bring you new customers.

20. Christmas Tree Gifts

Create a fun holiday experience by decorating a Christmas tree with a personalized gift for your clients. Your clients can enjoy the fun of searching through the tree for their gift and take home something special. Some fun Christmas tree gift trimmings include stationary, salon snowflakes or personalized necklaces.

21. Yearly Photo

While it may seem simple, smaller items often make the most significant impact. Ask your clients to dress up and to take a photo with you. Gift them a copy with your brand and year, and put one on your wall. Showcasing your customers on your wall is a beautiful and thoughtful way to show that you appreciate them.

Why Holiday Experiences Help Your Business in the Long Term

Providing client holiday experiences can enhance customer perception, boost sales and business, retain and attract customers, and help you stay competitive. Making sure you deliver an excellent customer experience is an important part of great customer service — and customer service is what drives loyalty for 96% of today’s consumers.

Providing outstanding service can leave a lasting impression on clients and drive them to choose your business over competitors. It also encourages positive relationships that contribute to employee morale.

Plan Your Client Holiday Gifts With Meevo’s Salon and Spa Marketing Calendar

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