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10 Ways to Retain Employees

April 02, 2023

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Now more than ever, focusing on your spa and salon employee retention efforts is essential. After all, your staff is the backbone of your beauty business success. Why? Because they connect with your clientele on a daily basis. They provide the services, treatments, and guest experience and they impact not only your client retention, but your revenue potential.


Investing in your team’s wellbeing and supporting their individual success is crucial to their loyalty and longevity with your business, especially in an industry with some of the highest turnover rates. Happy employees are far more likely to stick around and perform at their absolute best, but how exactly do you foster better staff retention? From praise and rewards to perks and motivators, there are several ways to make your team feel more appreciated. Read along for our top tips!

Here Are 10 Ways to Boost Spa & Salon Employee Retention


1. Implement Perks

There’s no doubt your team will appreciate special perks that enhance their work life and there are several ways to motivate and reward employees like offering wellness benefits such as a self-care stipend or discounted gym membership. Employee product and service discounts are also an easy way to add value and ensure your team feels important.


2. Provide Incentives

Contests and incentives are a great way to improve your spa and salon employee retention. Incentives can keep your team motivated, excited, and focused on their job and goals. Need some ideas? Run a team rebooking contest to entice your staff to lock in more appointments and offer an irresistible winning prize like a gift card or free day off. Share our Rebooking Scripts template with your staff to get them started!


3. Create Promotion Opportunities

Provide a clear path of advancement. If there is no room to grow, employees will become frustrated and may stop trying if they see no clear future for themselves at your company. A career path will help motivate employees to go above and beyond.


4. Invest in Employee Development

Support the continuous education of your team. This could be training to learn a new skill or tuition reimbursement to help further professional development. Read our recent blog post and find out why it’s necessary to invest in continuing education.


5. Give Financial Rewards

While non-monetary recognition and incentives are a great way to boost motivation and morale, money is always a great motivator. Provide bonuses, as well as the opportunity for a raise. Let your employees know that as the business grows, they grow, too.

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6. Practice Open Communication

Create open, two-way communication. Encourage employees to offer ideas and ask questions. Have an open-door policy that encourages employees to speak honestly without fear of repercussion.


7. Be Transparent About Expectations

Make sure employees know what is expected of them. If they don’t know exactly what their roles entail, they will not be able to perform to their potential. Your spa and salon employee retention efforts should start during the initial job interview so they know their responsibilities from day one and are set up for success.


8. Always Give Respect

Spa and salon employee retention is largely about respect. Show your staff that you care about them, not only as workers but as people. Implementing a healthy work/life balance is a great start. If your employees don’t have time outside of work to decompress and lead a healthy personal life, their productivity and happiness will deteriorate at work.


9. Provide Recognition

Little acts of appreciation can have an enormous effect on morale. Don’t forget to recognize the effort, talent, and achievements of your team. Paying attention to the little milestones will not only keep you engaged as a leader but will also help your team to feel appreciated.


10. Empower with Leadership

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to set the tone and expectation for your business. If you want your employees to follow, lead by example. Kick-ass leaders are usually the inspiration behind a powerful team, and an unstoppable team is a force to be reckoned with.


Stay Committed to Your Spa and Salon Employee Retention!

A business’ success often hinges on how well their team works together and the culture you create as a leader. Retaining employees by consistently letting them know they’re valued and ensuring they’re happy are the first steps to building an unstoppable team that supports your goals! Start implementing these tips and sure enough, you’ll have a loyal, hardworking crew that WANTS to stick around!


Don’t stop reading and learning! Now that you have an employee retention strategy, learn how you can keep your book full and revenue growing with our guide: 4 Retention Strategies to Keep Clients Coming Back.

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