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When you speed up and simplify the reservation and rebooking process, your salon gets more appointments, your spa welcomes more guests, and your employees get more tips and commissions. Learn how our fast and smart salon and spa appointment software works.

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Front desk using Meevo salon and spa appointment book

How Meevo's Spa and Salon Appointment Book Works

Meevo’s robust and versatile Appointment Book is powerful, but you don't need to be a tech pro to stay organized. Our easy-to-use Appointment Book takes only seconds to schedule or re-schedule clients - with a gorgeous aesthetic.

  • Meevo makes it easy to book appointments and reschedule clients
  • Works on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Easily drag and drop appointments with only a few taps
  • Color-coded for easy reference
  • Schedule services as short as 5 or 10 minutes or as long as a few hours

Schedule Using Voice Recognition

Convobar®, Meevo's patented appointment assistant with AI and voice recognition, eliminates the need to scroll through your appointment book software to find a service provider with an open time slot. The feature lets you speak or type a client's request. You'll then be presented with scheduling options based on which service professionals have available time in their schedule. Choose an appointment option from the list and get your client booked. It's that easy!

With Convobar®, you can make appointments up to 10 times faster. The feature is cloud-based and works anywhere you can access your software to make appointments for clients around the clock.

Meevo Convobar booking salon and spa appointment by typing in haircut and massage today or tomorrow
Meevo drag and drop appointment book

Reschedule Appointments with Drag-and-Drop

Clients need to move appointments occasionally, and your service providers may need to change their schedules due to illness, life events, or other surprises. Meevo's drag-and-drop design lets you reschedule bookings with ease. When you use a touchscreen device, you can use your finger to rearrange schedules in seconds. Increased flexibility keeps both clients and employees happy.

Book the Exact Amount of Time Clients Need with Intelli-Booking

Tired of manually keeping track of how long clients need for each service? Or not doing it at all and ending up with too little or too much time booked for appointments? Meevo's powerful Intelli-Booking feature tracks the amount of time needed by each guest for their services and providers. Prompts appear at booking, ensuring the time blocked for each appointment is appropriate, eliminating overlapping appointments and gaps in your schedule.

Meevo Intelli-Booking
Meevo precise booking

Enjoy Precise Scheduling for Quick Services

Standard 15- or 30-minute time slots might not work for your salon and spa. An eyebrow or upper lip wax rarely takes a full 15 minutes. Meevo's Precision Timing™ feature allows you to schedule sessions that are just five or 10 minutes long. Meevo enables your team to book more services throughout the day, increasing their income and your salon's revenue.

Standing Appointments

Scheduling a standing appointment enables you to schedule a client’s regular service appointment for multiple dates in the future. Book that blowout at 5pm on Thursday every week or a deep tissue massage every other Saturday at 3pm and voilà, you’re keeping your calendar full for months to come. Standing Appointments are super convenient for both you AND your guest, and you don’t have to spend precious time and resources getting clients to return.

Meevo standing appointment - Blowout repeats every week on Sat
Meevo color code services and employees

Organize Services or Providers by Color

Minimize confusion and reduce booking errors by assigning your services and employees their own colors. Quickly and easily see who's booked when and for which service at a glance, daily, weekly, and monthly.

Book Appointments on Mobile Devices

Our appointment book's mobile capabilities streamline the client experience. Clients can schedule their next bookings on a mobile device whenever they'd like.

Your service providers can access the salon appointment book chairside on their smartphones or tablets. They can check in clients, schedule follow-up treatments, or make adjustments to their schedule—all without a visit to the front desk.

Once they've provided a service, they can accept client payments on the spot, making the checkout process even more convenient.

Hairstylist using Meevo Appointment Book on an iPad

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