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Give your beauty school, massage therapy school, and cosmetology school students a well-rounded education in the business side of beauty and wellness with Meevo.

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Beauty School Software by Meevo

Meevo empowers hundreds of beauty and wellness schools across the country to manage their clients as well as students’ progress through the curriculum. Meevo offers high quality training, education, and industry-leading software solutions that boost efficiency and help prepare students for life after cosmetology school.

Reasons Meevo is the Perfect Beauty School Software, Cosmetology School Software and Massage Therapy School Software

Whether you run one cosmetology school or multiple locations, our exclusive beauty school software features address your unique needs. Our cosmetology school software will help you keep everything organized through:

Managing Employees

Time Clock

Easily keep track of student hours with Meevo’s Time Clock and automatically prompt them to clock in. Configure Meevo to automatically clock them out should the student forget to, while staying in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations and laws. Meevo also integrates with biometric technology to track clocking in and out without the use of usernames and passwords.


Customizable Security Settings

Tailor Meevo’s security settings to your school’s specific needs. Control each student’s access and viewing settings and enable and restrict access to areas within Meevo as necessary. Control which reports are accessible to students and allow individual students to only view their personal appointment book, rather than the entire business’ book.



Meevo streamlines inventory procurement by generating automatic purchase orders when stock is low. Inventory counting is simplified by using your mobile device or barcode scanner. Our floor location tracking enables schools to easily track the physical location of products and improves inventory counting. Product Bundles creates one barcode for multiple products to simplify student kit tracking.


Advanced Reporting

Effortlessly keep track of student progress, schedules, tasks, and performance through Meevo’s innovative and customizable industry-leading reports that display student and teacher metrics in real time, separately from other roles within a salon or studio. Generate specific reports detailing services performed by students, the teacher overseeing them, average clients per day and client totals, to name a few.

Student and Teacher Tracking

Student and Teacher Tracking

Students and teachers are created separately from employees in Meevo for better reporting. At checkout, the Teacher who oversaw the service is tracked and can be referenced when viewing client transaction history. You can also leverage the Employee / Student Templates and Promotions Tracking to schedule Student graduation or monitor progression through the curriculum.


Training and Education Resources

Gain access to numerous training and educational resources for both students and schools with Meevo Academy’s intuitive learning platform, workshops, monthly webinars, and on-demand training materials and videos.

What sets Meevo apart? A set of features to drive your cosmetology school’s and student’s success

Meevo on an iPad and iPhone
  • Ability to set unit-based goals

  • Time Clock and Work Activity management

  • Advanced customizable reporting

  • Personalized Smart Center dashboards

  • Top 10 monthly service insights

  • User-defined fields and field labels

  • IP restrictions to limit offsite student access

  • Visit Note Templates for grading

  • Assign services, pricing and timing for each employee

  • Track curriculum progression

  • Integration to vein readers biometric technology

  • FAME Advantage Integration

Gain Access to Exclusive Tools for Beauty and Wellness Schools

With Meevo, you can also take advantage of other business management features like:

  • Online Booking

    Make your school as client focused as it is student-centered. Meevo will revolutionize your online booking process, letting your clients make, cancel, and change their appointments with the press of a button. Plus, Meevo will save their preferences and make scheduling even easier for future appointments.

  • Analytics Information

    Know where you stand in the public's perception with analytics reporting. Over time, Meevo will collect data about email interactions, online site visits, impressions, and more to give you a holistic view of your business from the outside and where you may be able to improve perspectives.

  • Integrated Payments

    MeevoPay payment processing integrates seamlessly with Meevo, streamlining the checkout process for your clients and saving you money with low processing rates, next day funding, and no long-term contracts.

  • Inventory Management

    When you run out of something in the classroom, it affects more than your clients — you may also create an unhappy client and lose a valuable opportunity to teach your students. Make sure you have what you need when you need it with Meevo’s inventory tracking.

  • Client Check-in and Check-out

    Provide a smooth, streamlined experience for your clients and students. Guests can check-in for their appointment, pay for services, book an appointment, and more using their mobile device.

  • Goal Tracking

    Meevo's goal-tracking features enable you to set goals in a variety of categories and keep track of your progress. You can set long-term goals for your school or let your students set individual objectives.

  • Resource Management

    Coordinate guest services with your school’s available resources with resource management. Meevo ensures all necessary service chairs or rooms are open before you book a client (because a salt room facial requires the salt room, after all). For scanability, you can designate each resource with a color scheme in the Appointment Book.

  • Multichannel Communications

    Enhance customer loyalty by keeping your guests informed and engaged at every touchpoint. Craft a unique brand identity with customizable, eye-catching email templates. Keep your clients updated with unlimited one-way email communications and automatic texts messages of appointment confirmations and reminders.

Comprehensive Onboarding and Ongoing Support

  • Onboarding Support: From the moment you get started with Meevo, your onboarding specialist will work directly with you to help you set up the software and show you how to get the most out of it.

  • Dedicated Client Success Manager: Your dedicated client success manager will be available to assist you in utilizing the software and answer any questions you have about running your cosmetology school with Meevo.

  • In-house Support: Have a question about how Meevo works? Our five-star U.S.-based support team is here for you.

  • In-App Walkthroughs and User Guide: Training your students to navigate Meevo is made easy with a variety of tools and resources. Meevo's intuitive walk-throughs help act as a built-in assistant, giving guided tours of the software and on-screen prompts to support users every step of the way.

  • Training & Education: Meevo offers a virtual class created just for students to review the use of software when running a business, the importance of tracking and understanding KPIs, how an increase in frequency of visit impacts results, and more.

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Cosmetology Schools Love Meevo

With Meevo, your beauty school has the tools to succeed. Take a look at a few of their stories:

Headshot John S.

“Meevo has had an incredible impact in running our school. It’s easy-to-use and has top-notch support on the rare occasions we need it. Meevo has enabled us to support our students in their growth as they progress from student to becoming a beauty & wellness professional. We are very happy we are working with the team at Meevo.”

John S.
Innovate Salon Academy

Headshot Rhiannon Beach

“Meevo’s reports are so simple to use, and I can customize them in many different ways, including by role. I also love the Register—all it takes is one click to get services or products and provide credit to the correct stylist/student.”

Rhiannon B.
Guest Services
Paul Mitchell The School Costa Mesa

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Meevo Compatible with Mobile Devices?


Yes, Meevo allows you to work anywhere from any device, including your PC, Mac, and all iOS and Android devices. It's a business management app-without needing to download an app.

Is Millennium Systems International HIPAA Compliant?


The Millennium Systems International staff has been trained and educated on the importance of safeguarding Protected Health Information, allowing your beauty & wellness school to carry HIPAA compliance into your own business and beyond. To read more about our HIPAA compliance, click here.

Can I Import Data from Another Software Provider?


Yes! Meevo offers optional data entry services to support your migration process. Save time on transitioning to Meevo—contact a Sales Representative for more information at or (973) 402-9500

Do You Offer Training?


Yes, we offer a variety of Training Options that include our online portal—Meevo Academy, a hub of resources—Meevo Inspo, live webinars, and other educational opportunities to support our clients.

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