Multi-Location Enterprise Salon and Spa Software

Whether your salon or spa has two locations, 200 or more, you need a way to track data and performance across all locations. Meevo's unified salon and spa software solution makes tracking your company's performance and measuring success easy.

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Meevo Multi-location Smart Centers

Multi-Location Salon Software

Optimize your business efforts with powerful elements designed for global access. Brilliant data tracking, consistent branding options, and available help 24/7 will keep your company on the same page across all salon or spa locations.

Meevo's salon software for multiple locations provides a centralized platform that allows you to manage operations across numerous salons or spas.

Your Global Data—All In One Place

Meevo is created from decades of client feedback, industry knowledge and business experience. Our cloud software is clever, intuitive, and works beautifully with your goals in mind. You'll always be in sync—from your PC or Mac computer to iOS and Android devices.

Step Inside Your Central Office

Welcome to Meevo's all-in-one hub that connects your entire enterprise: Central Office. Central Office seamlessly monitors multiple locations, collects real-time data and cuts back on data entry— leaving you more time to focus on the big picture.

Central Office

Two ladies login at different locations NY and CA with Meevo
Female hand holding phone - Meevo's Business Intelligence App on the screen

Business Intelligence in the Palm of Your Hand

Meevo Business Intelligence (BI) empowers you to see your business growth with key performance metrics and vital statistics right at your fingertips–anytime, anywhere. Get crucial real-time business insights and view employee and business data by a single location or all locations combined.

Meevo BI App

Walk-ins Welcome

Walk-In Management helps you manage your waitlist and books guests for same-day service keeping your book full and revenue flowing. As a multi-location business owner, you can add a link to your website that populates the closest salon or spa using a client's entered zip code.

Walk-in Management

Meevo Walk-In Manager Kiosk

Marketing, Consistency, and Brand Unity

Meevo enterprise spa and salon software helps you build your salon's brand with the power to:

Add Your Personal Touch

Customize your client-facing collateral and in-house dashboards with your business's branding and logo. Adding your brand to your internal features like Smart Centers and reports and client-facing collateral such as marketing emails, eGifts, Online Booking, receipts, intake forms, and appointment confirmations will strengthen your brand across all locations.

Market Your Business with Meevo

Your Meevo subscription includes our built-in Meevo Marketing suite. With Email Marketing and Online Presence Management platforms, our all-in-one solution gives you everything you need to elevate your brand, improve client engagement, increase awareness, and manage your online reputation—helping you drive business growth!

Achieve Consistency From Across the Country

Meevo allows you to enter data such as products, memberships, and discounts directly into Central Office to easily update any location with a click of a button. Not only will you save time and reduce errors, but you'll also present a consistent, united brand to your customers no matter which location they visit.

Meevo Branding

A Collaborative, Tailored Conversion Built and Designed for Multi-location Success

Our conversion and implementation process is completely customized for your business. Our team is with you every step of the way, ensuring an easy, collaborative conversion for your multi-location spas and salons.

  • Iterative, multi-phased collaborative approach focused on understanding your organizational construct and delivering on your ideal state in Meevo

  • Successful and repeatable process tailored for your multi-location salons and spas with a dedicated Implementation Specialist

  • MSI will understand your current state and work with you to optimize Meevo during your implementation

  • Significant emphasis is placed on data cleanup—a key success factor for conversions

  • Sandbox access with your business' data provides access to training, data validation, user guides, and test features

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How to Manage Multiple Locations

Opening your second, third, or fourth salon or spa is a big step. The more locations you have, the more responsibility falls on you. The following tips will help you manage a multi-location salon or spa enterprise seamlessly:

salona and spa business with multiple locations
  • Use a Unified System

    Choose a solution like Meevo, which centralizes your business operations and allows you to manage multiple locations from the same platform. With Meevo, all your salon or spa's data is in the same place, making it easy for you to track revenue, returning clients and staff performance.

  • Enhance Communication

    Communication is crucial when you open more than one location, especially if you aren't able to visit each salon regularly. The managers at each location should check in with you, letting you know of any major updates or issues. Meevo also helps to improve communication between your locations, as it offers multi-location salon reporting. You can see at a glance how each location is performing and make decisions about the future of your business.

  • Use Consistent Branding

    Regardless of how many salons you run, it's important that the branding be consistent across locations. You want clients to have the same experience at any location they visit. Choose the same decor for each location and pick a consistent color scheme. You should also strive to create the same experience when clients visit, including using chairside check-out, offering the same beverages and snacks, and using the same type of music and fragrances at each location.

  • Create Benchmarks

    Make sure each location performs as well as it can by creating benchmarks or goals. If one location has more difficulty attracting clients or retaining clients, it can have a slightly different goal from your other salons and spas. You can use those benchmarks when deciding which staff members to promote, too. For example, you may promote a junior stylist once they've reached a certain percentage of returning clients or after they've performed a specific number of a particular service.

Setting Your Team Up For Success

Meevo client support


The intuitive Walk-Through Help feature offers guided tours of Meevo and step-by-step on-screen prompts. This way, you can hit the ground running with your new software and find assistance with any task, anytime.

Implementation Help

Before you go live with Meevo, we've got your back. You'll be paired up with an Implementation Specialist who will personally navigate you through the software's features and functionality.

Training Support

If you ever want or need additional Meevo training, our Education team has on-demand training videos, a comprehensive knowledge center, and offers live virtual trainings. We'll help you learn the basics of Meevo or provide continuing education to help you maximize your use of the platform.

Client Success Manager

A Client Success Manager will be assigned to your account. These experienced Meevo team members are committed to your salon or spa and serve as your internal advocate to help you grow your business with Meevo. They are also available for any requests or feedback you might have related to using Meevo in your multi-location business.

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Melissa W.

"Overall, the potential for Meevo is unlimited for our future. Being able to access Meevo with any mobile device, from either inside or outside the salon, 24/7 provides the flexibility we need for our future growth."

Melissa W.,
Director of Operations,
Gould's Salon & Spa

Patrick H.

"We were able to open three salons in about two and a half years and we could have never done it without Meevo and the MSI team."

Patrick H.,
Mango Salons

Lindsay L.

"I love the many features of Meevo and how customizable the software is—it makes it easy for us to manage both of our locations and allows us to easily view all of the roles within our salon."

Lindsay L.,
Nova Salon

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