Social Media Marketing for Spas and Salons

Social media is a vital business tool for spas and salons. These platforms are valuable marketing strategies that help your salon and spa connect with clients and attract new customers. Meevo's social media marketing tools help you post on your social media profiles consistently, increasing engagement with your followers.

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Meevo's Salon and Spa Social Media Strategy Features

Meevo makes creating a social media strategy for salons and spas easy because you can update all your social media profiles from one central location.

Meevo Marketing Social Posting

Consistent Posts

Posting regularly on Facebook and Google keeps your social media accounts active and increases the likelihood of showing up in people's feeds. With Meevo, you can add content to your Google My Business profile and Facebook Location Pages at the same time. Meevo lets you schedule posts at peak times to optimize their performance.

Share Deals and Promotions

Use social media to offer your followers special deals and promotions they'll only find at your spa or salon. When clients redeem the offer, you have an accurate way to measure how effective your posts are. Posting special deals on social media also gives people a reason to follow your business's page.

Engage With Followers

The beautiful thing about social media is that it puts you in direct contact with your followers. You can respond to their questions and comments, increasing engagement and interest. Meevo lets you respond to comments in real-time.

Why Your Salon and Spa Need Social Media Marketing

Meevo's social media posting features make it easy for your salon and spa to be social. Being active on social media helps your salon stand out from the crowd. With social media marketing, you can:

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  • Connect with clients

    Clients, both new and returning, can message you through social media or leave comments on your posts, sharing their opinions and reviews. You can respond to them in real-time, showing that you're engaged and interested in what they say.

  • Show off the talent of your stylists

    Let the world see your staff's skills by posting photos of the haircuts, colors, and styles they've created on your salon's social media profiles. You can also use social media to showcase other treatments and procedures, such as facials, waxing, and cosmetic treatments.

  • Increase brand awareness

    Maintaining your Google and Facebook business profiles means it's more likely that your salon will appear in feeds and search results. Visibility enables new clients to find you and consider booking with your stylists.

  • Use targeted advertising

    Facebook and Google let you create ads targeted to specific demographics, which can increase the number of leads you get. With the salon or spa social media marketing strategy, those leads can become new clients.

  • Control your reputation

    Being active on social media allows you to control the messages circulating about your spa. If people raise concerns online, you can respond and resolve the issue. You also have full control over the images you put on social media and the deals or promotions you offer. Social media marketing helps you create a positive image of your spa and salon online.

Social Media Marketing for Spas and Salons: Tips and Advice

Meevo helps you make the most of social media marketing. These tips will enhance your salon's social media presence:


Create Themes

Focus your posts on themes, such as sharing promotions on Mondays, a contest on Tuesdays, before/after photos on Wednesdays, and so on. Using themes will help develop ideas for posts and help you stick to a regular schedule.

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Have Fun

Social media should be fun! After all, followers will only like, comment, and share if they enjoy your content. Keep your posts lively and light, and remember to respond to your clients’ comments with a personality that fits your brand.

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Post Often—But Not Too Often

Keeping your social profiles up to date is good for your spa's SEO, lets clients know you're still in business, and increases your engagement. Find the balance between posting too little and too much. People may unfollow you or wonder if you're still in business if you wait weeks or months between updates. If you post too often, you risk clogging people's feeds. Start posting once daily and adjust your posting based on your results.


Use Hashtags and Tags

Tag your posts with your city or location to make it easier for locals to find you. Include relevant hashtags to get found in search results to attract new followers.