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Meevo's powerful marketing suite, Meevo Marketing, is the salon and spa marketing solution you've been looking for. Meevo Marketing helps you create and send customized emails, build automated campaigns, manage your online reputation, and manage social media.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing provides an amazing return on investment and helps your business stay in touch with current and past clients.

With our email marketing solution, easily create and send beautiful emails, customized with gorgeous photos and meaningful messages that drive engagement and business results. Connect your data, build target audiences, and create personalized campaigns with dynamic features, including:

  • Preloaded email templates and image gallery
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop email editor
  • Segmented customer lists
  • Automated campaigns
  • A/B testing
  • Email performance analytics and insights

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Email Marketing

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Online Presence Management

What are people saying about your salon or spa online? What clients post has a direct impact on your business. From good reviews to bad, it's vital that you know how your salon or spa looks to people searching online.

When customers are searching for a new business or have questions about one they know, they turn to the internet for answers. With Meevo's Online Presence Management solutions, take control of how your brand is presented online to attract new clients, improve your brand reputation, and drive revenue growth.

  • Ensure accurate business information across hundreds of listing sites, including Google, Amazon Alexa, Facebook, and many more
  • Request, manage and quickly respond to customer reviews
  • Gather and view online analytics to understand how clients are interacting with your business
  • Check the health of your business's online information using the Meevo Listings Scan
  • Post directly to your Facebook Location Pages and Google My Business profile within Meevo

Online Presence Management

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Meevo Marketing Social Posting

Social Media Marketing

Social media allows you to connect with current clients and find new leads. It also helps you strengthen your brand's online presence by allowing you to keep your information up-to-date. Meevo's social media marketing tools will enable you to:

  • Post to your profiles
  • Update business hours and locations
  • Schedule posts to optimize performance
  • Share special deals and offers with followers
  • Track response and engagement on your posts
  • Engage with followers and friends

Social Media Marketing

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Why Use Salon and Spa Marketing Software?

Meevo's Marketing Suite demystifies the marketing process, making it easier than ever for spas and salons to create awareness and attract new clients. Our email marketing features take the guesswork out of crafting the perfect email. You can test your messages to see which type of subject lines and content produce the best responses.

Local SEO and online presence management give you control over your salon or spa's online presence. You can help new clients discover your business, increasing your client base and revenue.

Marketing Tips for Your Salon or Spa

Meevo Marketing Suite helps you make the most of marketing for your salon or spa. These tips will help you maximize your marketing and see the best results:

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  • Set a Regular Schedule

    Consistency is key to marketing success. Send email newsletters to your subscribers regularly to keep your list active and reduce your unsubscribe or bounce rate. Once a week is often ideal. Be cautious of over-sharing or over-messaging your subscribers to keep them from ignoring your posts or emails.

  • Keep Your Details Up-to-Date

    Regularly update your social media profiles and website so the information is accurate. Change your operating hours and contact information as needed and update your staff list. Keeping your information updated helps to keep your clients, new and old, informed. It can also help your salon or spa perform better in search results.

  • Use Your Clients as Influencers

    Your loyal clients can be your best marketers. Encourage them to post before and after photos when they visit your salon or spa, tagging your business in the description. You might consider running a contest, choosing a winner at random from all the clients who share their new looks on social media.

  • Treat Your VIPs Like VIPs

    Email marketing and social media give you a chance to offer special deals and promotions to your most loyal clients. You may even consider creating a special email list or Facebook group for the clients who visit your business most often.

  • Promote Your Products

    Selling beauty and hair products creates an additional stream of revenue for your salon and boosts your average ticket sales. Use your email newsletters or social media posts to highlight new and bestselling products.

  • Create a Custom Hashtag

    Create a custom hashtag for your stylists and clients to use when posting about your salon or spa on social media. You can then search for the hashtag to see the number of posts and track engagement.

  • Use a Mix of Marketing Content

    Get creative with your marketing content. While a picture is valuable, so are videos or short blog posts. Ask customers to leave reviews online or have your stylists film short how-to videos to share with your followers.

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