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From Brow Bars, Microblading Studios, Lash Bars and Lash Lounges, to Dry Bars and Blow Out Bars, Meevo makes running your beauty studio business efficient, lucrative, and simple.

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The Only Software Your Beauty Bar Will Ever Need

Your clients book appointments to enhance their natural features and feel beautiful. When you're focused on them, you don't have the time to navigate multiple unruly management platforms to keep day-to-day operations in order. Enter Meevo, your one-stop solution for business management designed for brow bars, lash bars, and blow dry bars.

Meevo does it all—scheduling, financial management, business marketing, inventory management, and more. Explore dozens of exclusive features and see why salons, lash bars, brow bars, and dry bars everywhere are making the switch.

Our Beauty Bar Scheduling Software

Getting clients scheduled at your beauty bar business is the first step in your success. Meevo makes appointment scheduling easy, fast, and flexible.

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Expedient Online Booking

Create a branded booking hub and let your clients schedule online appointments 24/7. With Meevo, you can add features like group booking and require a down payment or credit card information to protect you in case of a cancellation or missed appointment. You'll have complete control over which services your clients can schedule, and you can promote upcoming events right on the booking page, encouraging them to take advantage of special deals.

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Appointment Booking

Let your team schedule brow treatments and blowouts with ease using Meevo's exclusive booking software. Use any device to access the schedule and see everyone's appointments at a glance. You can color-code the Appointment Book by individual employees and switch services in seconds. Drag and drop to reschedule, and use Convobar®, Meevo's patented appointment assistant with voice recognition and AI, to make appointments up to 10 times faster than doing it manually.

Person Walking

Walk-In Management

Walk-ins are vital to any successful beauty bar, so make sure your walk-in clients feel just as valued as your scheduled appointments with Meevo Walk-In Management. Create an in-person waitlist that keeps your clients up-to-date on their place in line and displays wait times down to the minute. Implement a self-check-in kiosk to streamline the registration process. At the end of each day, you can get statistical information about your walk-ins, enabling you to prepare for future clients and keep things in order even when you face the unexpected.


Standing Appointments

Schedule Standing Appointments, also known as the ultimate pre-book, for clients' regular services for multiple dates in the future. Book that blow-out at 9am on Friday every week and keep your calendar full and clients happy for months to come.

HIPAA-Compliant Scheduling Software

Meevo is a 100% HIPAA compliant platform, and every Millennium Systems International employee completes HIPAA training for company-wide compliance. Meevo is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, meaning it protects customer data and does not store it for future use. Meevo security setting supports different settings for staff, manager and service providers and can automatically change access depending on if the employee is onsite or away from the studio.

Beauty Bar Hipaa-Compliant

Beauty Bar Management Software

One of the most exciting parts of working in a beauty bar is that your job changes every day. Your clients today may want something entirely different than your guests did yesterday, leaving you to innovate and express yourself creatively. Meevo knows how to keep up with it all, whether you're making a bridal party look perfect or navigating service after service. Our software solutions include: 

  • Packages

    Discover new ways to engage your clients without ever leaving the platform. Group together products and/or services at a discount in order to get clients to commit to additional visits. Meevo makes creating and managing packages simple. Packages increase customer retention, streamline your workload, keep clients coming back, bump up your frequency of visit, and make clients feel like they’re getting more value for less money.

  • Memberships

    Rewards programs and membership exclusives turn satisfied clients into long-term relationships. By using Meevo to develop tiered membership packages, family benefits and special rewards, you'll watch your membership skyrocket and reap the rewards of having VIPs. Give your clients multi location access, let them swap and split packages, and auto-renew their programs so they can always make an appointment to look their best.

  • Marketing

    From connecting with new customers to appreciating repeat clients, marketing helps your brand continue to flourish. Our powerful marketing suite enables you to create and send unlimited email campaigns, automate statistics, develop consumer segments, and manage your reputation through review monitoring. Keep track of how people view your brand with extensive reporting options and try out new ways to interact with clientele until you find the most effective formula.

  • Reporting

    Understand the numbers with more than 150 report types available for analysis. Evaluate client retention, productivity, KPIs, and daily sales based on location, among other features. Analytics are key to developing future programs and staying on top of your sales numbers, and Meevo will make sure you can continue your success far into the future.

  • Employee Management

    Meevo doesn't simply manage your business, it also manages your employees. With a built-in time clock, employee calendar and payroll management features, Meevo streamlines staff management. Meevo enables you to configure payroll periods and calculate employee wages whether they are paid hourly, salary or by commission for sales or services performed. 

  • Payment Processing

    When you partner with Meevo, you'll have access to MeevoPay, an all-in-one payment processing solution with low fixed rates, industry-leading fraud detection, comprehensive POS options, and next day funding so you can unlock profitability with less hassle.

Precision Booking for Short Services

A standard 30- or 60-minute time slot might not work for your beauty bar business. An eyebrow wax rarely takes a full 30 minutes. Meevo's Precision Timing™ feature allows you to schedule sessions that are just 5 or 10 minutes long. Meevo enables your team to book more services throughout the day, increasing their income and your business’s revenue.

Realize Growth Through Innovative, Easy-To-Use Beauty Bar Software that Over 150,000 Users Log into Everyday!

What You Get With Meevo

Meevo has subscription levels based on your team size, so you can choose a plan that's perfect for your beauty bar. Every Meevo plan includes the following:

  • Messaging: Keep in contact with your clients through text messages and unlimited one-way emails.

  • Marketing Suite: Promote your business, increase client retention, and boost client satisfaction using our best-in-class marketing tools.

  • In-house Support: Have a question about how Meevo works? Our five-star in-house U.S.-based support team is here for you.

  • On-demand Training: We offer training and continuing education to help your team make the most of Meevo.

  • Onboarding Specialist: A dedicated onboarding specialist will get your beauty bar set up with Meevo and provide you with customized assistance along the way.

  • Client Success Manager: A dedicated client success manager will be available to assist you in utilizing the software and growing your beauty bar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Meevo Compatible with Mobile Devices?


Yes, Meevo allows you to work anywhere from any device, including your PC, Mac, and all iOS and Android devices. It's a business management app-without needing to download an app.

Can I Use Meevo at More than One Location?


Meevo streamlines beauty bar operations, whether you own a single location, multiple locations, or are part of a franchise. Our multi-location features allow you to keep track of data across all your locations.

Can I Use Meevo to Manage My Beauty Bar's Employees?


Yes, Meevo has several employee management features built in. The time clock, accessible from the Convobar®, lets your team members clock in and out to record their activity and breaks. The Scheduling Manager makes planning out employees' schedules easy, accounting for time off and weekends. You can also use Meevo to track employee progress and plan for raises and promotions.

Is Millennium Systems International HIPAA Compliant?


Millennium Systems International staff has been trained and educated on the importance of safeguarding Protected Health Information, allowing your beauty bar to carry HIPAA compliance into your own business and beyond. To read more about our HIPAA compliance, click here.

Can I Import Data from Another Software Provider?


Yes! Meevo offers optional data entry services to support your migration process. Save time on transitioning to Meevo—contact a Sales Representative for more information at or (973) 402-9500

Do You Offer Training?


Yes, we offer a variety of Training Options that include our online portal—Meevo Academy, a hub of resources—Meevo Inspo, live webinars, and other educational opportunities to support our clients.

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