Partner Integrations

Meevo proudly collaborates with industry leaders to provide premiere third-party partnerships and integrations. Access them through our MeevoXchange or contact your Client Success Manager for more information.

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Payroll Solution Connectors

Run Powered by ADP® and Workforce Now Powered by ADP® enable you to seamlessly submit your payroll directly from Meevo into ADP® using our connectors, saving you time and reducing errors.

After Pose

Before & After Photos

Capture your clients Before and After photos and quickly share branded images with them on the spot through social, text, and email.
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Purchase Order Integration

Aveda’s integration with Meevo allows for a timesaving, efficient reordering process of your Aveda inventory. Submit a purchase order in Meevo, then log into the Empowered Ordering system to apply promotions and points before finalizing your order.


Client Financing

CareCredit's integration into Meevo is designed to help spas and salons save time, streamline the payment process, minimize human error and provide clients with promotional financing options available with the CareCredit credit card to make it easier to purchase treatments and procedures.


Marketing and Communication

Demandforce is a complete client communication and reputation management solution that helps salons and spas attract and retain clients, boost online reputation, and grow.
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Custom Branded Smart Center

Eufora KPI Smart Centers are exclusively designed to give you easy access to the data you need and want based on the metrics Eufora National Trainers coach to. These allow you to assign and see the exact metrics you’re looking for that are specific to your role.


Website and Digital Marketing Platform

Glammatic’s beauty marketing platform helps salons grow their online presence and attract their dream clientele with mobile-friendly and optimized website creation, branding expertise, and social media management.
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Paging System

Stay up-to-date on in-house communication and keep track of your appointments without interrupting clients. The JTECH paging system syncs directly to the Meevo Appointment Book.

L’Oreal LEVEL Rewards

Points Redemption

Rewarding salons and stylists who use the industry’s top brands with experiences and products to lift their business higher.

Meevo Tips Powered by Tippy

Employee Tipping

Tippy provides beauty and wellness professionals with free, real-time access to their tips, all while saving salons and spas the processing fees on the tips. Tippy also offers a robust mobile application that helps financially empower and motivate employees.
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Paul Mitchell

Points Redemption and Custom Branded Smart Center

Paul Mitchell KPI Smart Centers place the most requested information and key performance indicators right at your fingertips, enabling you to easily measure and affect business outcomes. Perks members are rewarded with valuable points, education and support.


Custom Branded Smart Center

Qnity KPI Smart Centers are created to give you easy access to the data you need and want based on the metrics Qnity coaches to. This allows you to assign and see the exact metrics you’re looking for that are specific to your role.


Accounting Management

Import your data from Meevo into QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop saving you and your accountant both time and money. You must have a QuickBooks account for this integration to work.

AI-Powered Smart Scheduling is a smart scheduling platform for salons and spas that automatically fills last-minute appointments, cancellations, and quiet times, guaranteed. This AI-driven resource also improves local SEO, manages reviews and delivers personalized client communications to drive increased bookings and revenue.
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Branded Apps and Marketing Solution

Fuel your marketing, client retention, and so much more with Salon Clouds+—from virtual consultations and two-way texting, to geo check-in and e-commerce.


E-Commerce and Marketing Platform

SalonInteractive empowers salons to take control of their retail potential and effortlessly provide guests with their favorite products available through a free and personalized online store. SalonInteractive’s eCommerce platform helps salons maximize their retail revenue, without having to carry inventory or handle shipping.
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Custom Branded Smart Center

Strategies KPI Smart Centers are designed to create easy access to the functions, critical numbers, and reports Owners/Leaders, GuestCare Team Members, and Service Providers need every day—keeping the focus on what's MOST important to a Team-Based Business.


Custom Branded Smart Center

Summit KPI Smart Centers were designed and created exclusively for Summit Salons. They are customized to measure your success with the exact metrics Summit coaches use, based on your role in the business.


Vein Scanner

Automate time management and eliminate errors. This biometric scanner uses the back of a user's hand to provide a fast and accurate time clock that integrates directly into Meevo.


Two-way Texting Solution

Improve customer service and satisfaction and let clients text your business with Textel. Send and receive text messages in Meevo to clients and employees using your business phone number.
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Textel Blast

Text Marketing Solution

Textel Blast lets you quickly send messages en masse to guests and employees. Send personalized promotions, offers, and news about your business. Import lists instantly with Meevo client import.
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Consultation and Imaging

Elevate your consultation experience and impress every patient with TouchMD. TouchMD is a visual consultation and imaging software platform for plastic surgery, medspa, and dermatology practices.
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AI-powered Customer Communications

Save time and effortlessly book more appointments with TrueLark’s AI-powered communication platform that texts guests back to answer detailed questions, schedules new clients, and even makes personalized upsell recommendations to maximize your revenue potential, all in a friendly and on-brand voice.
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Overdue EFT Collection

Track EFT Recovery and implement early efforts to prevent delinquency. Transworld Systems provides better tools for accounts receivable, debt recovery, and past due accounts to increase cash flow.


Bar-Coded Gift Cards

Protected bar-code gift cards with crystal clear, waterproof lamination that are easier to use than paper gift certificates, look better, are reusable, and are an inexpensive solution to gain new clients and retain existing customers.


Intelligent Color Management

Vish helps salons eliminate color waste, grow color profits, and better price your services to increase revenue. Easily capture all formula details, eliminate the need to input manual color notes, ensure consistent color is always mixed, and view in-depth analytics all in one place.
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Points Redemption

Wella Rewards™ is a program designed to reward our loyal customers with top-rated education trainers and classes, exclusive business building offerings and community-based opportunities.

Wisely by ADP

Employee Tipping

The Wisely® Tip Connector allows employees to conveniently access their hard-earned tips faster than ever through a secure automated solution. Owners and managers save time manually calculating and allocating tips while service providers benefit from speedier tip payouts.
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