Step Inside Your Central Office

Welcome to Meevo's all-in-one hub that connects your whole enterprise: Central Office. Seamlessly cut back on data entry, monitor multiple locations, and collect real-time data— leaving you more time to focus on the big picture.

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Streamline Data Set-Up

Manage 1,000s of locations (or add one) instantly. Manage security, services, products and market pricing, (by region, location, or market) with the click of a button, giving your clients and staff consistency, by location.

Global Smart Center

Screen-hopping is a waste of time—that's why Central Office gets its very own Smart Center with a multi-location view. Customize this dashboard with tiles that help you keep track of business as a whole, all on one screen.

Meevo Central Office Smart Center Dashboards: New Jersey, New York, California
Meevo updates bulk pricing across multiple locations

The Everyday All in One Place

Central Office provides the perfect blend of macro and micro management. From one, centralized location, you can schedule price changes ahead of time by location, region or market, while still giving you the flexibility to enable local overrides in specific locations for discounts, pricing and security. Configuring Global Client Profiles allows you to manage pricing, payment types, memberships and more – across every location.

Calculate Success Globally

Collect multi-location analytics in one place—it's far more efficient than running separate reports for each salon or spa. Define a set of locations by region or business type within Central Office - making it easier for Global Employees to stay on top of the locations they manage. Central Office composites data, giving you a more complete view of key business stats.

Key Business Statistics

  • Sales Analysis by Location
  • Client Spending Summary by Classification
  • Offsite Liability Transfers
  • Sales Ranking by Location
  • Sales Detail
  • Payment Detail
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Women helping a client book an appointment at call center

Call Center Booking

From one centralized location, you can see every appointment book in every location so clients can book an appointment closest to their location with ease.

Centralized Marketing

Create smarter campaigns that ensure you are segmenting the right people. Meevo's Centralized Marketing allows you to export all of your data to create customized email campaigns that reach clients at every location.

You Can Target:

  • New clients
  • Overdue clients
  • Referrals
  • Birthdays
  • And more
Meevo Marketing Filters: Clients with Memberships, Last Visit, Overdue Clients, Birthday, New Client, Referral Visits