Tell Meevo What You Want

Offering voice recognition and natural language understanding, the patented Convobar® enables you to speak or type your command into the responsive search bar to quickly scan your appointment book, schedule and edit appointments for your clients, open reports, view your Register to check out clients, and so much more.

And since Meevo is cloud-based software, you can access Convobar® to book appointments at any time and on any device – no app needed!

Get a Consult

Meevo Convobar voice activate REGISTER in hands holding phone

Just Say The Word

Let the patented* Convobar® be your staff's know-it-all assistant. Use voice activation or typing to instantly filter information so your employees can focus more on the client experience. Staff can even use Meevo and Convobar on their mobile device, improving efficiency and productivity.

*(Patent No. 11,176,523)

More Appointments, Fewer Clicks

The Convobar® is your intelligent booking assistant, letting you immediately search for openings, services, and employee schedules while eliminating the guesswork – speeding up the booking process up to 10 times faster. With our cloud-based software, you have 24/7 access to your appointment book, so you can schedule clients with the help of Convobar no matter where you are.

Meevo Convobar booking appointment by typing in haircut and massage today or tomorrow
Meevo Convobar voice activate REPORTS on tablet

Built-In Support When You Need it

Can't remember how to find a report or access Meevo's mobile point-of-sale (POS) solutions? Just type or speak relevant keywords into the Convobar®, and it will guide you to your destination.