Top 5 Summer Marketing Trends for Salons and Spas

June 10, 2019

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Summertime is all about fun and sun, but not necessarily about visiting the salon or spa.
We’ve come up with a few ideas that will encourage your clients to visit even as things heat up. And the best part? They’re so easy that they’ll practically do the work for you! Let us know which trends are working for your summer marketing.
The Staycation
The ‘staycation’ is your opportunity to turn your space or studio into a getaway. Whether it’s a mom on the go or a college student that can’t afford to fly to a tropical island, everyone is looking for ways to indulge and relaxso bring the luxury to them! Remind your clients that they don’t have to miss out on the summer splurges like a manicure, pedicure, or massage this year just because they’re staying home.

Discover some of the best ways to upsell services
to give your clients the deluxe vacation experience.
It’s Blonde Season
Sure, it might officially be called the summer, but everyone knows it’s really when the blondes come out to play (and pay). Whether their style is icy or buttery, take full advantage of the big blonde trends happening and the need to maintain that fresh, beachy look all season long.

Tip: put all
of your purple shampoos and products front and center. Give your stylists tips on how to explain why these products are so important! Sea salt sprays? Hair masks? Keep the blondes shining. Check out the 2019 blonde trends.
Fun in the sun
Everyone loves a sun-kissed glow, just not the skin damage that comes along with extended UV exposure. Use this as an opportunity to communicate to your clients how to keep their skin safe and healthy this summer with adequate protection, provide some extra love with specialized facials, and suggest sun alternatives– like a glowing spray tan. A natural and healthy bronze? Yes, please.

And did we mention hair? Consider offering a discount on deep conditioning treatments to repair dry and damaged hair from so many summer vacations- nobody wants a head full of chlorine damage strands.
Bridal Season is upon us
Let’s not forget about our brides! Summertime is a big season to say “I do,which means lots of demand for tans, hair, nails, makeup, and scheduled luxury time. Nothing says ‘wedding’ like a spa day with your favorite ladies or a pre-bridal treatment. Make sure your location stays top of mind and don’t let the brides (and her many friends) pass you by.
Revamp your slow days
Pick your slowest day of the week and transform into a marketable event– “Makeover Monday”, “Trimming Tuesday” or “Skincare Sunday”. The only thing your clients love more than a fresh haircut or a massage is a discounted haircut or massage. Now is the time to create a loyal client that you will continue to see when the busy season arrives.


Have any of these marketing trends worked for you before?

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Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and let us know if you have tried any of these killer marketing ideas for your business this summer! Looking for additional marketing ideas outside of the summer season? Check out our full guide for salon and spa marketing.

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