5 Reasons to Maximize Add-Ons

May 18, 2018

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Looking for an easy way to increase your average ticket and build client loyalty? Maximize your add-ons such as shampoo and conditioner upgrades, aromatherapy, and more. Add-ons are a profitable selling strategy that come at an extra cost for the client, but no extra time for the service provider.

Think about it. Something as simple as $5 tea tree oil added to the shampoo experience can make the client feel reinvigorated without noticing the little extra spend. Repeat this $5 process over 100 clients per week, and you’ve got an additional $500 in revenue per week.

How Add-Ons Benefit Your Business

Here are five reasons why add-on services are valuable to your salon or spa:

Keep Clients Delighted. We recommend changing your add-ons with the seasons. Focus on implementing scents and textures that invigorate the senses and provide an enhanced service experience.

Build Trust. Picture this scenario: Your service provider sells an add-on at the chair, which the client ends up loving. That transaction just became a trusted recommendation from the service provider to the client, thus building their relationship.

Increase Average Ticket. What’s $5 more for an amazing scalp massage at the bowl?An add-on can greatly impact the client experience, without a huge increase in cost at checkout.

Increase Frequency of Visit. Constantly delighting clients with new add-ons as well as building trust through recommendations will keep your clients coming back for more.

Easy to Implement. Millennium and Meevo allow you to input add-on suggestions for each service that the front desk or service provider can select at time of booking or at the chair. This creates a seamless process for your team when selling to clients.

Create Add-On Menus

A menu that details your add-on options can transform your business into a powerful selling tool. How often does your salon or spa hand out a printed service list to your current or new clients? Just think — your client may not even be aware of certain services you offer. Menus allow you place your add-ons in front of clients who are already in the spending mood and ready to be pampered.

Educate Your Team

Just a slight increase in your average ticket from add-ons can make all the difference to your revenue. Your team should understand the impact and benefits of add-ons as well as up-selling and cross-selling. For more even more ways to increase you or your team’s confidence in selling strategies that increase your bottom line, download this guide. It includes scripts for every situation so you can increase your mojo and rock the revenue at your salon.

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