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All Hail Retail – How to Boost Revenue at Your Salon or Spa

June 01, 2023

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Looking for ideas to boost your beauty business revenue? You’re in the right place! Incorporating retail marketing into your salon or spa business plan is a MUST, not just for the financial benefits but also for the customer experience. Believe it or not, retail sales can amount to a whopping 25% of total revenue—that could significantly impact your bottom line! If pushing those product sales has never been a practice at your business, now’s the time to make it a priority.

If you’re already selling retail, we’ll give you the inside scoop to up your game even more. And if you’re just getting started, these tips and tools will help your business drive more revenue while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Let’s dive in!

Believing in Your Products

We can’t stress enough to sell products that you genuinely believe in. These are your go-to, “can’t live without” products that you use on your clients. Believing in the products you offer makes selling retail a lot easier. This way, you’ll feel more like a recommender and less like a salesperson.

Accessible Retail Spaces are Everything

Location, location, location! Bring your retail display to the reception area or in an open access location. It’s crucial for your clients to be able to easily pick up your products and see them for themselves.

Where is the best place for your products to be on display, you may ask? Eye-level is buying level. When your products are at eye level, they are much more visible to your clients checking out.

Make your display Instagram Story ready. Add colorful décor like plants to create a more aesthetic appeal. A beautiful, organized, and fully stocked retail display is the perfect salon marketing trick. If I saw a beautiful display after my hair service, I would totally snap a pic for my Instagram Story and tag the salon.

How to Sell Without Being a Salesman

While you’re styling, educate your clients on the products you’re using. Educating them can be the determining factor of whether your clients buy your retail or not. If you show them how to use the products at home, they might be more inclined to buy.

Remind your clients at check out about the products used during their service and ask if they would like to purchase the same product for use at home. This is a great way to naturally bring up retail while increasing your average ticket!

Keep in mind, no one likes a pusher, so remember to give your client some space to decide what and if to buy.

Meevo Spa and Salon Software to the Rescue

The new normal for salons and spas means avoiding as much in-person contact as possible. Make it safer and more convenient for your clients by selling retail during contactless checkout complete with Self-Pay – made possible through Meevo!

Meevo lets you create product bundles and will recommend add-on’s in the Register based on the customer’s prior purchase history, helping to increase retail sales and your average ticket. Another idea is to ask clients to write product recommendations you can add to your website or display in-store to help sell your products.

Product bundles allow you to pair top-selling or low-selling products to get inventory out the door. For example, buy one shampoo, one conditioner, and one styling product for a special price. This popular option can make your salon more profitable while continuously moving products.

Additionally, Meevo’s automated alerts can notify you when product inventory is running low, making it easier to know when to order more retail products. It will also recommend the quantity levels to reorder based on current stock levels – saving time and increasing efficiency.

Curbside Retail

Be sure to keep in mind those clients who don’t feel comfortable coming into your salon or spa yet. You can offer curbside pick-up, home deliveries, or free shipping to get more retail out the door with the convenience of your clients top of mind – all while creating an additional revenue stream through your retail sales!

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Retail

Retail can significantly increase your profits! Who would pass that up? You’re not only helping your business, but you’re ensuring that your clients have access to the best salon and spa retail products. Now, your clients can purchase their favorite items from your business and take care of themselves at home! It’s a win, win, all around.


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