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September 27, 2019

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Master Business Mastery- How to make the most out of your time at Millennium’s Largest Beauty and Wellness Educational Event of the Year.

Business Mastery is only a few days away and our team is so excited to see you in Miami! We want to make sure you make the most out of your time at the conference, so we’ve prepared a few tips that should help you maximize your experience with us. Take a look at the following tips, and don’t forget to stay connected with us @SpeakMillennium and #SpeakMastery while you’re there.

Set your goals for the conference
A lot like goal setting for your business in Meevo 2, it’s critical to set goals to get the most out of your conference experience!
  • Is your primary goal for the conference to network? Make your plan to establish 10 quality and lasting connections per day.
  • Are you looking to really make the most out of classes and invest in the professional growth of your team? Make sure you’re registered for Certifications.
Network like a pro
This is really one of the best times of the year that you’ll have to make connections with like-minded beauty and wellness professionals and business owners. Take this opportunity to create a strong peer network and practice supporting your community! Here are some networking tips:
  • Master your nonverbal communication– Make sure you’re maintaining great eye contact and facing whomever you’re speaking with. Practice active listening and don’t forget to smile!
  • Be approachable- Don’t bury your head in your phone, put yourself out there by complimenting others, asking them questions about their business, and asking what their favorite class has been.
  • Bring business cards– Build relationships that last outside of the conference by physically giving your new connections something to walk away with and a way to reach out to you in the future.
Stay up-to-date with the events
Download the Business Mastery by Millennium app to best navigate your time at the conference by accessing event and city maps, partner information, your educational session schedule, networking events, call Ubers, and so much more!

Connect with the speakers
Ask great questions that are relevant to what they shared- or research a bit about what they do before you meet them in Miami to get a good idea on how to maximize your time with the experts. You can find a list of the speakers here.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell a speaker you loved their class! Take the time to think about what they had to say and ask great questions that could not only help your business grow, but help you form relationships. This is your perfect opportunity to connect with the experts face to face and unlock a world of possibility and opportunity.
  • Take notes to remember your favorite lines and advice from their talk, and use it as a conversation starter in the future.
And don’t forget to leverage social media! Show off your investment in your company and team by sharing your conference journey! Make sure you’re tagging @SpeakMillennium and using our brand new Instagram story stickers.

Did you learn any helpful tips in this blog? Like, comment, and share. See you in Miami!

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