Crafting Your Salon Cancellation Policy

Crafting Your Salon Cancellation Policy

February 14, 2020

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When clients miss or cancel appointments last minute, it hurts your business. It wastes time and resources and affects your revenue. Creating a clear cancellation policy is one way to prevent clients from missing appointments. You can also use your salon software to set up automated appointment reminders, enabling clients to cancel in advance if they need to.

We’ve created a list of examples to help you craft a cancellation policy for your hair salon.

4 Salon Cancellation Policy Examples

The key to salon cancellation policy wording is to be clear and concise so your customers know your expectations. Here are a few examples of what your salon cancellation policy can look like:

Hour Cancellation Policy

Hour Cancellation Policy

This policy requests notice within a specific time frame for cancellations or changes. When clients book online, you’ll capture their credit card details, so you can charge a fee if they don’t adhere to the policy. If clients book over the phone, send them a message with a link to the site where they can enter their card details to secure their appointment. You can also take their credit card info over the phone. Having a notice period enables you to reallocate a canceled appointment to someone on your waitlist. Your nail or hair salon cancellation policy may read as follows:

“We understand that extenuating circumstances may occur that interfere with your appointment time. However, due to a high demand for our services, we ask that you provide [X] hour notice for any appointment changes or cancellations. Any appointment canceled after hours will be subject to a [X]% service fee charge. Appointments changed or canceled [X] hours before the service can leave gaps in our schedule that we are unable to fill. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have questions about these policies.”

No-Show Policy

In some cases, a client might not show up to their appointment at all. Having a policy in place is essential to help protect your business. You can do this by implementing a policy such as the following:

“Failure to attend a scheduled appointment will result in a [X]% or $[X] charge of the original service booked.”

Lateness Policy

If clients arrive late to their appointment, it could interfere with your schedule. Some treatments need the full appointment time to complete. You also want to avoid running over into another client’s appointment. To help manage lateness, you can create a policy that states the following:

“If you are [X] minutes late for your appointment, you may need to reschedule your appointment if the remaining time is insufficient to complete the treatment. If we do not hear from you after [X] minutes, it is considered a no-show, and we will charge [X]% of the original service booked.”

You can download our template now to start creating your cancellation policy and protect your salon. Make sure to display your policy so your clients can see it.

FAQ to Expect With Your Cancellation Policy

Your clients will likely have some questions about your cancellation policy. Considering the following questions can help you create a well-written policy that is transparent and easy for your clients to understand.

Do You Charge a Cancellation Fee?

Most salons charge a cancellation fee when clients give short notice or fail to show up for their appointment. The amount varies between salons but is usually a percentage of the booking price.

How Far in Advance Must I Cancel?

The notice period is often between 24 to 48 hours. It’s essential to choose one notice period for all appointments for clarity. There can be some exceptions for specialized treatments or group bookings.

How Do I Cancel My Appointment?

Choose a cancellation process that works well for you and is easy for clients to use. If most clients book online, it may also be easier to cancel this way. In the case of emergencies, you may request that clients call you.

What if I Cancel Because I Have an Emergency?

For emergencies, consider giving one grace appointment or waiving the cancellation fee. In this case, request that clients contact you as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule. You can also stay flexible for unforeseen events, especially for loyal clients.

Learn More About How You Can Maximize Your Revenue With Meevo

Learn More About How You Can Maximize Your Revenue With Meevo

A solid cancellation policy is a part of creating a great customer experience. To enhance the customer experience even further, consider using Meevo salon software at your business.

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