How to Create Your Customer Avatar | Important Tool You’re Missing Out On!

October 08, 2019  /  By Jason Everett

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Do you pick the very best clients and customers for your salon, or are you forced to deal with whoever walks through the door?


Today I’m going to show you how to make sure that you hand-select only the perfect guests.


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A Short Client Story
I was recently chatting with a brand new couple who joined our High Performance Salon Academy and they came to us and said,


“Jason, we had gone with another consultant company and they had given us some bad advice. They had told us that we needed to stop working with men and children in our salon and it almost cost us our salon business.”


And I said,


“Wow, that’s brutal.”


It was good that they came to us because we provide zero generic advice inside our High Performance Salon Academy. In fact, everything we do is 100% custom-tailored to what it is that you do, because your salon is unlike any other salon on the planet!


In the end, they came to us and said,


“We almost lost our entire salon because we were told that female guests are the most profitable, so we should get rid of men and get rid of children.”


While that might be accurate, we found out that over 55% of their clientele was men. So that advice actually started ripping apart revenue, and they didn’t grow fast enough to recover.


So they changed the model, and now we’re giving them some custom advice on how they can actually create what we call an Ideal Salon Avatar.


Our Custom Advice
It’s not just about men versus women versus children. It’s about what specific women come to your salon that come in on a regular basis and re-book their next appointment, right?


These special clients come in very frequently, and they also purchase retail, and they try other services in the salon.


Who exactly are those ideal people? Consider the clients that make you say,


“If I just had 100 more of you or event just 10 more of you, I would be set!”


Those are the people that we are talking about. The kind of people you want inside your salon that you can get more of and repeat them.


The Avatar Creator
We created a really incredible tool in a training that we just did inside our full academy.



It’s called the Ideal Salon Avatar Creator.


You fill out this form using info about an ideal guest that you have right now.
  • What age range are they?
  • What interests do they have?
  • What do they love?
  • What don’t they like?
  • Where else do they shop?
  • Where do they eat?
And what it will help you do is create a target demographic that looks exactly like your avatar. So if it’s a woman, if it’s a man, or children, (which by the way would be their parents that you want to target, not the children) you can start thinking:
  • Where do these people hang out?
  • Where else can I market to them?
  • How do I target them?


And you can use Facebook ads, Instagram ads, or just the marketing you’re doing right now to focus on these specific people.


Download the resource and let me know what you think.


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Jason Everett

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Jason Everett, High Performance Salon

Jason’s infectious high energy and drive to make everyone he meets the best possible version of themselves, has landed him on center stage in the Salon Edu-tainment scene. Jason is one of the founders of the High Performance Salon Academy which specializes in taking salons that are already successful and cranking up their success to an 11! Their non-traditional and unconventional approach to learning uses the latest in technology and social media strategies to quickly train and equip the most attention-strained owners, leaders and service providers on how to rapidly implement what they learn.

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