How Meevo 2 Helps Secure Your Critical Data

February 27, 2019

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In an age where almost everyone has instant access to the internet, the thought of a cloud-based business management solution can be scary. Fortunately, Meevo 2 was built with the understanding that with the ease of access to critical data, comes the need for more robust security features to keep your business secure. We’ve highlighted just a few of Meevo 2’s security features to help business owners have full control over their information.

Meevo 2 Security Features

Meevo 2 was designed to keep your critical data safe from theft and misconduct with several innovative features so you can always see and have control over what’s going on at your business.

IP Restrictions

Don’t want your team to have full access to the software when not at work? IP Restrictions allow you to designate the level of access which users have to sensitive Meevo 2 data, such as client notes, payroll, and transaction history when not at work. Meevo 2 uses the Internet IP address to determine where a user is accessing the software from, so you can keep your data safe within the walls of your business.

Hide Areas of Meevo 2

Meevo 2 allows you to hide certain areas of the software, so your team doesn’t even know they exist. This can be helpful to limit access to management-specific areas such as payroll or even to limit confusion for users who only need access to certain features like the Appointment Book.

Alerts Log & Manager

Want to know every time Meevo 2 performs a refund, denies access to a certain feature or an employee clocks out early? Meevo 2 allows you to set and manage highly customized alerts so you can be notified by text message or email every time something significant happens in the Register, with your employees, to your security settings, and so much more.

Activity Log

Meevo 2 tracks and logs all user actions so can always know what your employees are doing within the software. The Activity Log even allows you to search through the logs by targeting information in specific categories such as clients, transactions, employees, data changes, and security.

Meevo 2: Your World, In One Place.

Providing the only true cloud-based business management platform built by beauty and wellness veterans, Meevo 2 delivers everything you need to run and grow a business — all in one place. From streamlining common tasks to connecting with clients to booking appointments to managing loyalty programs to accessing the insights to help better manage performance, its all packaged with ongoing educational resources, training programs, and workshops to help inspire and educate your employees. For more information on Meevo 2, visit

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