VIDEO: How to Refine the Guest Experience in Your Salon

September 12, 2018

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There are plenty of people that talk about guest experience, and I’m not talking about hair. I assume you already give an amazing hair experience.

But have you ever been somewhere that just blew you out of the water, blew your expectations, and just totally impressed you?

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I walked through the door of a business the other day and the front of their building had this direct sunlight that beat down on it. The door had these metal door handles and the metal was wrapped with leather but it was completely falling apart. When I went to put my hand on it, I wasn’t burned at least, but I had to touch this horrible, deteriorating leather to open the door of the business. So my experience had already been tainted before I even walked in the door of the business.

What do you do to make sure that your business does not have blown expectations before somebody even walks in the door?

There are four elements you want to pay attention to that are often overlooked inside businesses, but specifically inside salons.

The four things you want to pay attention to are:

  1. What they see with their eyes.
  2. What they touch with their hands.
  3. What they hear with their ears.
  4. What they feel when they walk through the door.
Let’s talk about those four in more detail.

1. What do they see with their eyes?

When they walk through the door, where do their eyes go? What do they pay attention to? Are they walking in the door and seeing something that’s beautiful? Something that’s new? Something that grabs their attention? Are they seeing aspirational images? Are they seeing calming images? Are they seeing the receptionist on the phone? Are they watching people do hair? What are they seeing when they walk through the door?

2. What can they actually touch and put their hands on?

It might seem silly, but are the cups that you have cheap flimsy cups? Are they really nice elegant cups? What type of hand soap do you have in the bathroom that they are using? Are you giving guests samples of product for them to rub together in their hands and create that nice tactile experience?

3. What do they hear?

When they walk through the door, do they hear the receptionist on the phone? Do they hear calming music? Do they hear water? Do they hear the laundry knocking around in the back? What are the things that are contributing to their auditory experience while they are in the salon? When you cover all of those, you contribute to their overall experience. I find that experience is one of the most often overlooked things inside every single salon.

4. How does the salon actually make them feel?

Does it make them feel like they are a part of something new or something that might feel a little old and like it needs a facelift? they feel welcomed when they walk through the door? Do they feel like they are a burden, a problem, a challenge, or like they are just part of the herd? How do they feel when they walk through the door?

I want to make sure that you have an amazing experience inside your salon for every guest that walks through the door, so I created a downloadable PDF sheet called the “Experience Exceeder”.

The cool thing about this Experience Exceeder is you can go through it yourself and actually answer the questions and walk through the experience with a fresh set of eyes because of the way the questions work, and you can actually do an overall review of what your guests experience when they come in.

CLICK HERE to download the PDF

But one of the better ways to use it, is to download it and print it out for your entire staff and have them all go through the salon, not talk to each other and just write down what the experiences are that they see and then compare notes with each other. You can do this at your next staff meeting, or have everybody do it independently.

If you use this technique in the salon, I guarantee that you are going to increase and improve the quality of the experience for every guest that walks through your door.

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