How to Strengthen Your Retail Strategy to Compete with Amazon

August 03, 2018

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While Amazon has changed the retail game, that doesn’t mean your business can’t still thrive. Studies show that retail in the beauty industry continues to surpass Amazon. Last year, the U.S. prestige beauty industry reached $17.7 billion while Amazon sales in prestige were only $400 Million. Furthermore, your salon or spa has several assets Amazon doesn’t, including a team of experts, ownership over the client experience, and client loyalty.

3 Hacks for Stepping Up Your Retail Game

Increase your retail sales by implementing the right culture around products, educating your team, and using client trust and loyalty to seal the deal.

Make Retail Part of Your Culture

78% of the buying decision is made while the client is in the chair. This means that retail must be part of the conversation multiple times throughout the client experience. Learning to ask the right questions and discuss how to recreate looks with products should be a staple in every appointment. For example, instead of asking, “what products do you need?” try asking, “What products are you out of?” The client is more likely to give an answer where the service provider can step in and educate about the best products for their needs and style.

Do Your Research

Knowing everything there is to know about your products is a crucial element of selling. If you can’t talk about the features and benefits of a product for over two minutes, then you don’t know it that well. Beyond product characteristics, do your research on the concerns with purchasing beauty products on Amazon. Surveys show that over 70% of consumers are either somewhat concerned or very concerned about grey market or fake products on Amazon.

Assert Your Expertise

Clients trust your professional opinion, so use that to seal the deal. You know your clients needs much better than Amazon, and know that products will get them the results they desire. Recommending products as a “prescription” (you can even use an Rx pad!) transforms the purchasing process into a decision towards self-care, instead of just a monetary transaction.

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Coffee Talk: Building Brand Ambassadors Through Retail with Pat Parenty

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