How to Use Meevo 2’s UDFs to Enhance the Client Experience

February 08, 2019

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As a cloud-based salon and spa software, Meevo 2’s customizable features allow you to go above and beyond for your clients, thus creating a happier and more loyal customer base. Tailoring the data within your software to better fit your business model provides the opportunity to better support your services, employees, and business processes, and so much more.

Meevo 2 User-Defined Fields

Meevo 2 allows you to create custom data fields, otherwise known as User-Defined Fields (UDFs) that can be configured to multiple areas of the software including Clients, Employees, and Services. These fields can be in the form of drop-downs, radio buttons, lists, checkboxes, text boxes, date calendars, or file upload controls. Meevo 2 recognizes these custom fields just as it does any piece of data you enter. You can choose whether or not these fields are required to be filled in as well as whether or not they are a part of your reporting.

UDFs help you gather more client information so you can create an exceptional and personalized service experience each time. For example, you can tie UDFs to booking so you can ask clients making appointments through the front desk or online specific questions related to a service such as desired hair extension length, if they’ve received laser hair treatments before, etc. that are instantly stored into Meevo 2.

This data is easily accessible by your team at all times as well as worked into your reporting so you can always make informed business decisions to enhance the client experience.

More Revenue-Generating Strategies for Your Business: Front Desk Certification

The powerful capabilities of your software combined with proactive growth strategies initiated by your front desk can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Through the Meevo 2 Front Desk Certification, your front desk staff will receive formal training on the utilization of Meevo 2. Thirty years of unparalleled industry experience has allowed us to pinpoint industry-proven, revenue-generating strategies and best practices for your business.

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