Partner Series: How Vish Helps Meevo Clients Increase Revenue by Eliminating Color Waste

July 13, 2023

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Designed by leading colorists and salon owners, Vish is the industry’s top color management system that helps salons eliminate color waste, increase color profits, and control pricing. Vish supercharges your color revenue, seamlessly integrating with Meevo to track color notes and formulas while also pushing appointments back to the color bar to keep in-salon communication and efficiency at its best.

Vish’s Chief Innovation Officer, Tim Howard, is here to tell you more about this valuable integration!

What is Vish?

Vish is everything your color business needs! Vish operates and manages the hair color side of salons, and all you need is an iPad and Vish’s Bluetooth scale. While mixing color, Vish is recording everything being done at the color bar so you don’t have to, providing consistent hair color results by determining exactly how much product is being used. The data gathered by Vish is pushed to the front desk through Meevo to make the checkout process seamless so the service is being charged accurately, especially if a client requires more color product than an average color service. All of these metrics can be accessed in the Vish dashboard where you can see an overview of all employees’ color usage!

What type of solutions does Vish offer to Meevo users and those in the salon industry?

Meevo and Vish integrate seamlessly! The appointments, customers, and the services they’re getting done are imported into Vish to ensure that the product is available and ready when it comes time to mix the color. This process ensures that the right service is being done, the correct formulas are being recorded, and any changes made to the service are captured in the software and can be communicated to the Meevo ticket. Consistency is key when it comes to accurately profiting from your color services’ revenue.

What pain points does Vish help our customers solve?

  • Waste: The amount of color product wasted during a service is a universal problem the salon industry has. Vish’s precision eliminates waste, saving money, time, and the planet.
  • Overall Visibility: Vish sheds light on just how well your business is doing. The Vish dashboard shows metrics that confirms all services and employees are equally profitable for your business.
  • Profit: With Vish, tracking 100% of the product dispensed, and automatically communicating that charge to the front desk, salons are seeing thousands in extra profit every month.

How does Vish help customers streamline and grow their business?

Vish’s visibility through the dashboard keeps businesses streamlined and able to continue growing! Through these metrics, you will always know which employees are using too much color, which services are costing you too much, and how much extra product you should be charging for. Accessing color metrics all in one easy-to-use system and in real-time helps keep the inventory management process seamless and accurate by letting you know what products you should order more frequently or may not need as much.

Less time spent on figuring out color usage means more time to spend on growing your salon business! Vish allows you to have a clear, accurate vision of the revenue your color services are bringing in, and then you can put that back into your business.

Vish is offering free equipment for Meevo users who sign up for Vish by August 31, 2022! Access the Vish integration in Meevo by visiting the MeevoXchange Marketplace or contacting Sales at (888) 813-2141. Learn more about Vish at

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