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Incorporating Memberships Into Your Spa

November 25, 2015

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More and more spas are offering membership options to their clients. It’s possible you may have been considering the same, but haven’t had the time to consider it in detail. There are pros and cons to introducing a membership package, and it’s something you really have to think through before you make a decision. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a spa membership program and see if they make sense for your spa.


What’s the point of offering spa memberships in the first place?

Spa memberships can really add to your overall profits. They are a guaranteed revenue stream which can help increase your bottom line. Ready for an eye opener? Let’s say you offer your clients the opportunity to buy membership packages at $1,000 per year. They can pay the whole fee up front (encourage this!), or break it down into monthly or quarterly payments. In any case, if you sell 100 memberships, your profit, which goes right to the bottom line, will be in the range of $85,000 – $90,000. Isn’t that enough to get you thinking about offering memberships!


More pros

In most cases, your current employees will be able to handle the increased workload, so your spa payroll will remain fixed. You will have minimum increases in your utility bills, marketing and laundry, but don’t expect them to rise any more than 1-3%. Year-round members will add life and energy to your spa, making it a more exciting place to visit. Additionally, you can introduce various programs that members and regular clients will enjoy. Such programs might include workshops on wellness, product demonstrations, and other classes beneficial to health maintenance. These “extras”, which will be offered for little or no cost to you, will be a a way to keep current members engaged, as well as drive interest from possible new clients.


What type of memberships should you offer?

This is totally up to you. Many spas, however, offer three-tier memberships and price them accordingly. Some spas simply have one membership package and one price. The type of package to offer usually is determined by the makeup of your clientele. For wealthier clients, the three-tier membership makes the most sense. For all others, one type of membership will probably suffice.


How do you get people to join?

If you have a website (and you really, really should), you can post information there. Also, you should share information about your programs on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Your local weekly newspaper is also a good place to advertise. You can even see if the newspaper will run an article on your spa and membership opportunities. Don’t forget about existing clients! Offer referral incentives to your current members. This could include beauty products, a free massage, etc. Word of mouth is the best possible kind of advertising. Keep your members happy and the word will spread!


How do you keep members involved?

Nothing is worse than successfully starting a membership program, only to see members drift away. You want to keep your members engaged even after the initial excitement has worn off. How can you do this? Offer weekly classes on any number of topics that your members will find interesting. As mentioned, use your website and social media to let members know what’s going on at your spa. Bring in some of your suppliers to talk about the latest trends in skincare, makeup, wellness, etc. Have raffles, drawings, and contests, and give the winners a free dinner for two at a good local restaurant, or a free spa service. You can have a lot of fun with this, and your members will as well!


Sell discount memberships to fill in your spa “down time”

Every business has times when, business is lagging. Maybe it’s mornings, evenings, or a certain day of the week. To combat this down time, you could offer discounted memberships at 25% off, specifying the time that the member is able to use services. Your slow time then becomes productive and profitable time. The membership fee adds to your bottom line, and you have a captive audience that is probably more than willing to buy additional services and products. Nothing wrong with that!


Use your imagination

No one knows your clients better than you do. Use that knowledge to create programs and pricing you know will appeal to your clients. This is not rocket science, it’s simply common sense. What works for a spa in New York City, may not work for a spa in small town – and vice versa. You have to stay in tune with your members’ and clients’ interests, habits, and spending patterns. You also have to be able to adjust programs that seem to have lost their appeal, with fresh new programs and events that will reignite the spark and excitement of a new membership. If you are able to appeal to your market and keep them excited and happy about your services, your spa membership program will be a big, big success!

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