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Increase Your Average Ticket

April 28, 2017

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On a mission to increase revenue? Focus on your average ticket! A pretty self-explanatory growth indicator, average ticket is the average dollar amount that each client spends per ticket. With the right selling strategies, just a slight increase in your average ticket can make all the difference in your revenue for the year.

How to Increase Your Average Ticket

Your front desk can do so much more than answer phones. If trained correctly, your front desk has the potential to generate additional revenue by increasing your average ticket. Boosting average ticket will require clients to spend more money at the salon and spa. Creating a culture that is focused on maximizing profit at the front desk can be done through up-selling, cross-selling, and add-on services.

Retail. Selling retail also has a huge impact on average ticket. Is your staff properly trained in recommending products? Even for your busiest stylist, selling retail should be top of mind. Special promotions like 20% off or buy one get one free can also be something you think about to help give the client that extra incentive to purchase retail.

“[Service Provider Name] used these products during your service today and recommended them because it will maintain your look. Do you want to add these to your purchase?”

Building trust. Keep in mind, recommending services and products should be done naturally. Suggesting new services or retail to a client helps to build trust and strengthen your relationship. Clients who trust you will be more likely to spend more money. Building trust also builds loyalty to your business. Loyal clients will not only be willing to try new services, but will also be likely to refer new clients to your business.

Creating Service Menus

A menu that details your list of services and/or add-ons can transform your business into a powerful selling tool. How often does your salon or spa hand out a printed service list to your current or new clients? Just think — your client may not even be aware of certain services you offer. Menus allow you place your services in front of clients who are already in the spending mood and ready to be pampered. What’s $5 more for an amazing scalp massage at the bowl?

Increase Your Selling Strategy Confidence

Need a little help implementing up-sells, cross-sells, and suggesting add-ons? Download our guide to increase your team’s mojo and boost your average ticket.

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