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How Innovative Salon Software Helps Businesses Thrive in Unstable Times

October 18, 2021

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John Harms and Neil Ducoff Share 3 Pieces of Advice on How to Make it Through Unstable Times

Millennium Systems International and Strategies have been working together on bringing salon owners an exciting and profitable experience to their business. Strategies and their coaches help salon owners increase profits and sales, attract more clients, improve staff retention, utilize salon booking software, and thrive under empowered leadership – yours!

Neil Ducoff, Founder of Strategies, is no stranger to the Millennium Systems International team and our clients. He and John Harms continue to come together and have inspiring conversations about their experiences in the beauty and wellness industry. Listen in to the two experts touch on something we have all experienced in the past couple of years—Stability in Unstable Times.

1) Adaptability as a Leader is Critical to Salon and Spa Success

From the beginning of the pandemic up until now, we have been faced with—dare we say it— unprecedented times. In our personal lives and careers, we’ve had to completely adapt to the way the world has changed, which has tremendously affected the beauty industry and salon and spa businesses everywhere.

The two “fearless leaders,” Neil and John, touched on how salon owners who went into the pandemic in good shape were the ones who thrived, even though the unprecedented times—but how?

Being open to pivoting and completely adapting to the “new normals” that are nowhere to stay has been crucial to having your business success moving forward. Like many salon and spa owners, Millennium Systems International had to adapt to being completely virtual and in the cloud, much like Meevo 2 did with its evolution.

How MSI supports our clients and our current roadmap completely changed to accommodate the new contactless way of life.

2) The Importance of Salon Software and Understanding KPIs

Meevo 2 gave salon owners exactly what they needed to survive the turmoil of the pandemic. Many clients took the time to thoroughly learn the salon software and capitalize on the eGift and Meevo Marketing features to keep their clients engaged and drive sales.

Our software gives service providers instant gratification in a positive way with their Smart Centers (customizable, role-based dashboards) and showing exactly where they are with their goals. Utilizing daily numbers helps staff understand their KPIs to create a plan and strategize how to get sales up for your service providers.

Understanding how these KPIs and numbers are affecting your business will allow you to always make data-driven decisions.

3) Planning for a Successful 2022 (and Beyond)

While this contactless and number-driven way of life has remained since the pandemic started, we still have to predict what is next for 2022 and what business trends salons and spas can look forward to in the beauty industry.

We learned how important it is to be prepared for whatever curveballs may be thrown our way and to be open to change. Making tough, fast decisions while reaching a comfortable level of consistency will help a salon or spa business thrive through anything.

Looking forward to 2022 planning, “salons shouldn’t be driving what they do, their clients should,” says John Harms, and that is a wonderful way of thinking of the future—your clients are your future! Make sure to keep them in mind when moving forward with your business decisions.

Watch the rest of this hour-long informative conversation with John Harms and Neil Ducoff above, and stay tuned for more of these insightful Facebook Lives with John and more guests from Strategies in the coming weeks.

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