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January ’23 Release: The Latest & Greatest Meevo Updates

January 14, 2023

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The first Meevo Release of 2023 has arrived! What better way to kick off the new year than with some incredible new features and solutions that will add more value and support for our customers.

Find out what’s new with Meevo and how these exciting updates will impact your beauty business in our latest Q&A with Andrew Clarke, VP of Product Development.

Q1. What is your favorite feature in the new release? 


Hands down, my favorite new feature in this release is our Advanced Dashboards–now available for businesses to enable within the MeevoXchange.  The Advanced Dashboards break down complex data in a simplified and easy-to-understand way that enables our users to make key business decisions based on previous patterns and trends.


There are currently about 20 unique Dashboards providing insights on everything from client demographics, appointment traffic, and employee attrition to resource utilization, memberships, sales, and so much more. We’re very excited to make this valuable tool available for both single and multi-location businesses.


 I also have a 2nd favorite–Meevo Color Themes!  This new feature enhances the branding experience and allows users to personalize Meevo to compliment their business aesthetic, creating a more memorable client experience.


Q2. Is there a hidden gem in the release our customers want to be sure they know about? 


 I would say the hidden gem in this release is the improvements made to support mobile scanners with a storage mode.  This update allows businesses to walk around with a handheld scanner, scan everything on the shelf, and then import the results into an inventory count.


Q3. What is a recent feature release that has gotten customers really excited? 


The most notable enhancement in our previous release was the ability to display a schedule ‘block reason’ within the appointment book instead of just the ‘block type’. We received quite a bit of excitement within our Facebook community regarding this new addition.


This capability makes it easier for users to understand the reason for the block. If a business would prefer to keep the block reason hidden from clients, they can still choose to only display the ‘block type’ instead.


Q4. How do you foresee these updates enhancing the guest experience for our users’ clientele? 


We are always thinking of ways to help businesses improve their client experience.  Advanced Dashboards gives our customers an incredible tool to help them make more strategic and informed decisions on marketing, departmental focus, staffing, and more.


The previously mentioned Meevo Color Themes feature adds another layer of personalization, allowing businesses to customize the aesthetic of Meevo to match their branding. In turn, this creates a more cohesive and memorable client experience.


I’m also happy to report that we are underway with the development of our online booking facelift.  We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from businesses we’ve included in the design process and we’re hoping to have this update released sometime in Q2 this year.


We appreciate you being a part of the Meevo community. We can’t wait to hear how the tools in this release help your business!


Make sure to view the full Release Notes by clicking on the “?” button in Meevo and selecting Walk-Through Help. 

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