Meevo 2 Fall 2020 Release Q&A

Exciting Updates Coming to Meevo 2 in Our Fall 2020 Release

November 04, 2020

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The MSI team is extremely excited about what’s coming to Meevo 2 with our Fall R3 release.

Who’s better to speak about these new enhancements than Andrew Clarke, VP of Product Development at MSI. Read on to learn more about all the latest solutions and features available in Meevo 2!

Q1) What are some of the notable additions and updates available in Meevo 2 with our R3 release?

There are so many new updates to Meevo 2 with our Fall R3 release. Here are a few of my favorites:

Service Add-Ons that Add Additional Time:

You can currently increase your average ticket by offering add-ons, which are additional services that can be performed during an appointment. Meevo 2 provides recommendations based on “previously selected” add-ons, making the conversation to add services a little easier when speaking to clients and quickly done through our salon scheduling software.

If you’re used to using add-ons, you know these services did not add additional time, however now they can!

We have now added the ability for an add-on to “add” additional time and select which service step the time will be added to. Maybe it is an add-on that is performed at the beginning of the service or one that is performed towards the end of a service – both of these add-on options will extend the time of an appointment. The other enhancement is that you can now make it “required” to select from a specific set of add-ons that will or will not add time.

We will also be making these enhancements to Online Booking in our spring 2021 release.

Use it or Lose it Memberships:

Today, businesses can offer memberships to their clients who can accrue services monthly. These services expire when the membership has been terminated. We have introduced “use it or lose it memberships,” where Meevo 2 gives you the ability to expire services that have been accrued monthly within a specified timeframe.

Show Early or Late Indicator in Appointment Book:

Front desk employees are sometimes the last to know when a service provider is running late or has left work early. We have now added the ability to show an indicator through color-coding in the appointment book when an employee is late or has left early for the day. This optional setting would require the business to have their staff clock in or out through Meevo 2.

Meevo Marketing Suite:

We are continually improving the ability for you to effectively market your business to help you retain customers, attract new clients, and increase revenue through improved client selection export options, 5 Star-Rating functionality, and partner integrations. We have decided to take this a giant leap forward to deliver the Meevo Marketing suite, which will include Email Marketing and Online Presence Management.

Meevo Marketing will simplify how you manage your salon or spa marketing and brand-building strategies, saving you time and helping to drive revenue growth.

The Email Marketing platform lets you create customized messages, build automated campaigns, use preloaded and prewritten templates, select from more than 200 industry images, easily create segmented customer lists, conduct A/B testing, view campaign performance, and much more.

But marketing is much more than just emails. Your business has an online presence, whether you realize it or not, which is why Meevo Marketing also comes included with Online Presence Management. These solutions allow you to control your digital business listings, track and respond to customer reviews, improve local search engine optimization (SEO), view online presence analytics, and collect positive feedback on your services and providers.

You can view all the new enhancements through the Release Notes in Meevo 2.

Q2) Are there other features that will be added to Meevo 2 over the next few weeks?

Yes, we could not fit everything into the initial release, so with each service pack that follows our Fall 2020 release, we will have additional functionality added, including:

Yield Management:

Yield Management helps you become more strategic in your selling strategy by guiding you to sell the right service to the right customer at the right time and right price. This may sound like a lot of manual effort, but this feature makes it easy. It will allow you to configure specific programs that will either increase or decrease the pricing of services based on employee and time of day. Businesses have used this to charge more during peak hours and charge less during non-peak hours. What is great about this feature is that you can decide if members or clients flagged as a specific client type should be included or excluded from these programs.

QuickBooks Desktop Integration:

We currently have an integration to QuickBooks Online; however, many businesses have expressed that QuickBooks online isn’t as feature-rich as the desktop version. So, we’ve built an integration with QuickBooks Enterprise, Premier, and Pro versions 2015 or later, initially available in the U.S. only. Canada and U.K. support will come at a later date. We have also added multi-location support!

Transfer Products Between Locations:

This is a highly requested feature that our multi-location businesses are excited about. It allows a location to send products to a different location that needs them, and Meevo 2 will adjust the available values at each location accordingly.

Multi-Location Payroll:

Another great feature for multi-location businesses will allow employees who work across multiple locations to be paid with a single paycheck from their home location.

Q3) Why is Online Presence Management, which is part of the Meevo Marketing suite, so valuable to clients today?

We live in a digital world. Your customers are looking for business and services online, which is why this solution is such a valuable addition to Meevo 2. Customers are looking online, and they are reading reviews left by other clients, skipping over businesses that have a low overall rating or low amount of reviews, and visiting businesses whose information is consistent across all listing sites and show that they are active in responding to any concerns.

These tools we provide will help you improve your local search rankings when potential customers are looking for a place nearby to get their next service performed and will help you improve your overall brand.

Q4) What does 2021 look like for Meevo 2 and our user community?

We have mapped out an excellent roadmap for 2021 and cannot wait to implement some of the new features and functionality, including payment plans, more integrated partner solutions, additional reporting, data analytics tools, dashboards, and so much more!

We will continue to monitor our clients’ needs as they adapt to the changing market so we can provide new features and improve existing functionality to meet their needs. As always, with each release, we evaluate and include many of the ideas that our users have submitted in our Ideas Portal. Submitting ideas, voting, and commenting on existing ideas help shape the priorities of our roadmap and the design of our features.

We appreciate everyone who has taken the time out of their day to help make the Meevo 2 application better with each release!

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