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Does Your Team Feel Valued?

May 12, 2017

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Employee retention can be a serious issue at salons and spas. With one of the highest industry turnover rates, owners must understand the importance of making employees feel valued. Happy employees are more likely to stick around, as well as perform to their highest potential. From praise and rewards to perks and motivators, there are several ways to make your team feel appreciated at your business.

Why It’s Important

A healthy business culture is greatly dependent on your employees. Employees who feel under-appreciated can quickly turn your work environment toxic. This can lead to several issues in your business such as employee turnover, unsatisfied clients, and can even affect your bottom line if your team isn’t rising to their true potential. Making your employees feel valued is a necessary element to creating a positive work environment and a team who will work together towards a common goal.

Don’t Overlook the Little Things

Believe it or not, a simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way. Don’t forget to recognize the effort, talent, and achievements of your team. Paying attention to the little milestones will not only keep you engaged as a leader but will also help your team to feel appreciated.

Take the time to determine how you will applaud accomplishments. Whether it’s a hand written note, a shout out in your newsletter, employee of the month, etc., little acts of appreciation can have an enormous effect on morale.

Keep in mind that a positive and supportive work environment starts with strong leadership. Kick-ass leaders are usually the inspiration behind a powerful team, and an unstoppable team is a force to be reckoned with. Need help inspiring your team? Download our infographic.

Appreciating Employees Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

There are several ways to motivate and reward employees without spending an arm and a leg. While monetary compensation is a great motivator for your employees to perform, money isn’t everything. Need some ideas? We’ve put together 21 ways to help your employees feel valued as they achieve greatness. For no cost at all. Download it here.

Make Your Team Want to Stick Around

A business’ success can often depend on how well their employees can work together. Retaining employees and keeping them happy is the first step to building an unstoppable team. Need help keeping your employees and strengthening your team through team building? We’ve got you covered. Download the ultimate guide and strengthen your employees’ commitment to your salon or spa.

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