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November ’22 Release: Exciting Meevo Updates Coming Your Way

November 03, 2022

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It’s hard to believe 2023 is just around the corner, but we’re pleased to close out this year with some valuable Meevo enhancements that will continue to support our client’s business needs and further their success. Find out what exciting software updates are coming your way in this Q&A with Andrew Clarke, VP of Product Development.

Q1) What are some of your favorite new enhancements coming to Meevo with this release?

  • Advanced Dashboards – This feature will be in Beta with several businesses after this release. Advanced Dashboards will enable businesses to simplify complex data so they can better understand patterns and trends that could help make a positive impact in their success. The dashboards will display stats, as well as interactive graphs and widgets that will provide enhanced visibility beyond the capabilities of reports available in Meevo. When released, this feature will be available in the MeevoXChange for an optional monthly subscription fee.
  • Google ‘Book Online’ Button – Businesses utilizing Meevo’s Online Booking will have a ‘Book Online’ button automatically enabled on their Google business listing. The Google ‘Book Online’ button will send users directly to your Meevo online booking site. We’re very excited to be one of the few beauty and wellness software providers able to offer this incredible feature that enhances the overall scheduling experience for clients. We look forward to enabling Facebook and Instagram ‘book now’ buttons in the future as well!
  • Improved Security Option – With our latest security update, Meevo users can now choose to disable required password changes every X months, require changes every 6 months, or just once a year. Many of our clients have shared frustrations over having to change their password too frequently, so we’re very pleased to provide them with more control over this option and allow them to choose what works best for their business.


Q2) What’s one must-know feature included in this release?

Appointment Book Block Display Options – When adding a block in the Appointment Book, users can now choose to display the reason for the block such as “on premises but not available” vs. the block type “No Appts” alone. This provides an ability to easily see the reason for the block rather than having to click on it to view the reason for it. This was a highly requested idea within our ideas portal so we’re very happy to deliver this enhancement.

Q3) How can our clients let you and the team know about enhancements they’d like to see in the future?

With each release, there are many ideas submitted and implemented–from improvements to reports and existing features to brand new concepts. To submit an idea or receive notifications about specific release updates and implementations, simply visit our Ideas Portal where you can vote, comment, and provide feedback.

We appreciate you being a part of the Meevo community and can’t wait to hear how the tools in this release help support your business.

Don’t forget to view the full Release Notes by clicking the “?” button within Meevo and selecting “Walk-Through Help”.

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