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Partner Series: How REACH by Octopi Helps Meevo Clients Fill Open Appointments

June 16, 2021

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Meevo 2 Salon Software offers salon and spa leaders everything they need to manage and grow their business, all in one place. That includes the ability to customize their software through the many powerful partner integrations available in the MeevoXchange marketplace.

Our team often receives questions from clients in our Meevo 2 User Community Facebook page, emails, live chats, business reviews, and support calls about REACH by Octopi – one of the integrations that can be enabled in the MeevoXchange. To answer some of the most popular client questions about this integration, we spoke with Patrick Blickman, CEO of REACH by Octopi.

In our first-ever Partner Spotlight Series video, Patrick discusses the REACH platform, how it helps salons and spas fill open appointments, jumps into the platform for a first-hand look, and more! Watch the video above or check out the highlights below to learn more about REACH and how it works with Meevo 2!

What is REACH and What Pain Point Does it Solve for Salons and Spas?

REACH uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically fill open spots in your appointment book within the next 7 days to help maximize revenue.

Through AI and its integration to Meevo 2, REACH understands client cadences and preferences to reach out to the right client primarily through text message (though you can also choose email communications) about an open appointment, increasing the likelihood of a last-minute booking and avoiding unfilled spots.

How Does Reach Work and What are The Costs?

With REACH, there’s never a contract, commitment period, or set up fees. And if you don’t book appointments using REACH, you don’t pay. What does that mean?

Based on your salon size or spa size, there are three tiers of subscription: $149, $249, and $349 per month. If REACH doesn’t drive 4 times your subscription fee for the month, REACH doesn’t charge you for your subscription.

What Size Businesses Are a Fit for REACH?

The average REACH clients tend to have between 3 and 10 chairs in their business. However, some clients have more than 100 service providers, and others are single providers, so a wide range of beauty and wellness businesses can utilize REACH to fill their salon appointment software book.

Who is the Sender for REACH Texts and Emails to Clients?

Through the integration with Meevo 2, REACH matches your clients with their service provider based on the data you have in Meevo 2. So if a client and a provider have a relationship, text messages and emails to a client would come from the service provider. Businesses can also change this setting to have communications come from a manager or the business.

However, REACH recommends having service providers as the senders as this increases engagement and bookings!

What are a Few Client Success Stories Using the REACH Platform?

Over the last year, REACH has sold over 1,000 Meevo 2 locations! One success story mentioned by the REACH team was Robert Andrew. One of their top locations, Robert Andrew, gained around $9,000 in new bookings last month using REACH.

Pretty Girls Get Waxed is another one of their locations, and they did $17,000 in new bookings last month through REACH.

Another one mentioned by the REACH team is Taj, one of their earliest locations, which had over $8,000 in additional bookings last month.

Explore REACH and our Other Partners in the MeevoXchange

Want to see how you can avoid lost revenue at your salon or spa through REACH? Learn more about this integration and enable it today in the MeevoXchange or by contacting our Sales Team at (888) 813-2141.

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