The Scripts Your Business Should Be Using to Rebook Clients

April 27, 2018

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Training your front desk and service providers to use proven scripts can lead to a culture that is driven to retain clients and maintain growth. By focusing on rebooking current clients, your business can see an impactful increase in revenue by getting clients to return just a few more times per year.

Why Use Scripts?

Scripts give your team the extra boost of confidence they need to mold client behavior to help grow your business. They also provide peace of mind to business owners knowing the client experience is consistent every time. They are a great tool to use to support service providers by helping them rebook and retain clientele.

Train your front desk and service providers on how they can work together to improve rebooking. Consider pairing up the front desk and service providers as teams working towards a common goal—increasing rebooking. Offer incentives or bonuses for the winning team! Rebooking your clients for their next visit is directly correlated to frequency of visit.

Dialogue at the Chair

A culture of rebooking starts with the service provider. Throughout the service, the next visit should be mentioned multiple times before the client actually goes to the front desk to pay. If your salon or spa offers chairside checkout, service providers should try to schedule the next appointment before the client checks out.

Salon Service Provider

“Your hair looks amazing. In order to maintain this shine, I need to see you back in [X] weeks. I can schedule you in to make sure you get the time and day that’s best for you.”

Spa Service Provider

“Today, we exfoliated your skin and removed all blemishes. In order to maintain the flawless glow, I need to see you back in [X] weeks. I can schedule you in to make sure you get the time and day that’s best for you.”

Why it works: Trust has already been established between the client and the service provider. This trust helps position the service provider as an expert, which in turn, helps guide the client to make decisions based off of their recommendations.

Dialogue at Check Out

At check-out, it’s up to the Front Desk Professional to seal the deal and get the next appointment on the books.

Salon Front Desk

“Wow. Your hair looks fantastic! I see [Service Provider Name] recommends you come back in [X] weeks. That takes us to [x] day. Does the same time work, or did you want to try earlier?”

Spa Front Desk

“Your skin looks amazing! [Service Provider Name] needs to see you back in [X] weeks for the follow-up facial. I have [X] o’clock available on [X] day. I also have [X] time available. Which time works best for you?”

Why it works: In these scenarios, the Front Desk already assumes the client will rebook and suggests the best day and time to return based on the service provider’s suggestions. Asking a yes or no question such as “would you like to rebook?” makes it easier for the client to say “no, I’ll call later.”

If your salon or spa has a loyalty program, make sure to include an extra sentence at the of the scripts such as, “don’t forget! Rebooking your appointment will give you [X] loyalty points that can be used towards a free service.”



Create A Culture Around Rebooking

Rebooking clients for their next appointment is an effortless task that can see a huge return to your bottom line. Download our free guide and learn everything you need to know about how to build a rebooking company culture that cultivates long-term growth.


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