What Does the Texting Trend Mean for your Salon or Spa?

August 23, 2019

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The world is now completely mobile, which means the best way to get your clients on the go is through their phone- and over 95 million American adults prefer text messages over phone calls.


How will this texting trend change your business?
It’ll help you achieve faster response times, help customers more efficiently, and build stronger client connections. It’s critical to know a client’s preferred method of communication and the role of texting in business transactions, so incorporating texting into daily salon and spa business practices will be convenient for both your customers and your staff!


Deliver Better Service
Delivering a great customer service experience means establishing open communication with your clients. From when they’re searching for your salon or spa online to your routine follow-up communication, creating an easy way to talk to your clients makes your business more accessible to them all the time. Even when you’re not on site, you can utilize automated messages, making sure no client message goes unanswered!


Improve Operations & Prioritize Clients
Integrating texting into your regular client communications will also reduce no-shows and allow you to run your front desk more efficiently. Instead of being swamped with calls and putting customers on hold to check out other guests, your front desk staff can simply text you back within minutes to answer questions, schedule appointments, provide inclement weather updates, and spend more time building great relationships with clients.


Incorporating Texting with Meevo 2
Because of all of the amazing benefits that come with blending texting and business, we partnered with Textel in order to enable texting capabilities within Meevo 2 to deliver you a better software experience. Textel seamlessly integrates with the Meevo 2 software you already know and love, and allows you to transform your regular business phone number into so much more by empowering organizations to be more efficient.


What are Textel users saying?
“We have found that fewer mistakes are made via text and the process requires significantly less time compared to a phone call. I’m convinced that online booking and texting will quickly eliminate 95% of phone calls” -Textel client The Kura Door Spa


“Textel saves our salon approximately $13,000 a year in labor and payroll fees. We are able to respond to five texts in the same amount of time that it takes to complete one phone call.” -Michelle Steimann of Ginger Bay Salon and Spa


Want to learn more about how Textel integrates with Meevo 2 to better your business? Find out here!
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