5 Salon and Spa Trends We Will See in the New Year

December 27, 2018

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With much to look forward to in the New Year, we’ve gathered the top salon and spa trends to pay attention to in 2019. These five trends focus on every aspect of your business from services, to employees, to technology to marketing.

Increased Focus on Creating Services That Cater to Mindfulness and Spirituality

In 2019, salons and spa will continue to introduce spiritually-based services to clients that will them evoke a sense of peace, fulfill a higher purpose, and more. According to American Spa Magazine’s 2019 Trend Report, “many are turning to more [abstract] and metaphysical pursuits to counteract the constant connection that keeps them tethered to today’s technology.” We will continue to see services such as Reiki, use of crystals and holistic tools, meditation, and setting intentions worked into services in the New Year.

Gen Z is Joining the Workforce

Gen Z is rapidly joining the workforce with the oldest members of the generation being 23 years-old. Salons and spas must adapt their strategies to ensure that they can attract and retain young talent. Members of Gen Z are digital natives who expect strategic use of software and technology in the workplace, as they are the first generation to grow up entirely in an Internet-centric society.

Increased Utilization of AI

More salons and spas will use artificial intelligence (AI) in 2019 to streamline processes. This will include tools like Facebook Messenger and chatbots to book appointments and perform simple tasks. AI will also help the industry better understand the needs and behaviors of the salon or spa guest to help make informed business decisions and tailor marketing messages.

Consumers Will Continue to Seek Humanization in Businesses

Just like services are becoming more focused on mindfulness, consumer values are also shifting to counter-balance technology. The beauty and wellness industries will largely benefit from consumers who are still looking for a personal connection and relationship, despite all that technology can offer. Your clients want to know the humans behind the brand, your story, and yearn for long-lasting, quality relationships. Take the time in the New Year to nurture your clients and show them why they can count on you to make them feel their best.

Marketing Will Continue to Become More Personalized

With branding messaging thrown at consumers 24/7, personalized marketing will help businesses break through the noise. No longer will stock images, generic nurture campaigns or impersonal calls to action convince your clients. In order to create successful marketing campaigns in 2019, you’ll have to provide high-value and personalized content every step of the way. This means breaking down your clientele by persona and focusing on each niche groups needs and wants.

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