Why Salons and Spas Love Meevo

Why Salons and Spas Love Meevo 2

February 14, 2022

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Love is in the air! During this season of showing love, Meevo 2 clients are expressing their appreciation for the trusty salon and spa software. While already packed with features and partner integrations to help a business surpass its goals, Meevo 2 is ever-evolving and updating to fit the needs of its clients. The Millennium Systems International (MSI) team is always listening—on social media, in support calls, during onsite visits, and more—and each new feature and update is curated with the clients’ needs and requests in mind.

MSI spoke with successful salon owners who use Meevo 2 and they highlighted what features they truly love the most and benefit from daily.

All-In-One Spa and Salon Software

Meevo 2 is more than just an appointment booking and POS system. It has everything a salon or spa needs to operate completely from one place. Social Posting, Reputation Management, Automated Email Campaigns, and Two-Way Text Messaging are all unique features that can be utilized right inside of Meevo 2 without ever leaving the software. Owners and managers can control a salon or spa’s entire brand from one screen!

“We’re able to do everything we need to be successful all in one place, and having access to it 24/7 on the cloud is unbeatable” – Twylla Jane, Owner of Lumos Nox Salon in Naperville, IL.

A Completely Mobile Platform

Meevo 2 can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, on any device—that’s the beauty of being cloud-based! With multi-location salons, vacations, sick days, or whatever the case may be, a salon owner having access to their business’ data whenever they need to is crucial to making decisions that lead to salon and spa success, even when they aren’t physically at their business.

“We’re aware of our numbers. We’re able to track. We’re able to grow. I can do that from anywhere on the planet. I travel a lot so it’s really important that I can stay connected to my business no matter where I am” – Colin Caruso, Owner of Salon Caru in Hoboken, NJ and the Artistic Director of Color for John Paul Mitchell Systems.

Smart Centers and Real-Time Goal Tracking

Every role in the salon or spa has different responsibilities, which means different data and KPIs are essential for each staff member. These are reflected in Meevo 2’s Smart Centers—customizable hubs that can show any shortcuts and data specific to each employee. The tiles of data can be changed to reflect anything the user wishes, and the numbers are always being updated in real-time, providing business accuracy throughout each day. This helps immensely with goal tracking and keeping employees on track to continue being productive.

“I love the Smart Centers. Everyone can see where they’re at and where they’re going for the day. I can put in goals for my stylists so that they can see what they need to reach. It does everything I need it to do, and I can see it when I’m not in the building.” – Twylla Jane

Inventory and Retail Management Made Easy

Retail is a huge contribution to a salon and spa’s revenue and keeping track of everything in stock keeps leaders on their A-game. From managing data to defining stock levels and ordering products, Meevo 2 keeps things tidy and makes inventory a breeze.

“Inventory is my absolute favorite feature in Meevo 2. You can put things on sale, track everything, see how much I’ve spent, see how much we’re going to spend, and then I can check reports to see how much I’m allowed to spend.” – Twylla Jane

150+ Industry-Leading Reports

Reports are crucial! How else would a business owner easily and quickly know how their salon or spa is progressing? Comparing numbers year-over-year, month-over-month, week-over-week, or even day-over-day can give great insights into what is or isn’t working for a business. With over 150 to choose from, running reports in Meevo 2 helps indicate a business’ best path for long-term growth. Strategize and stay organized by gathering this data consistently and often.

“Meevo 2 challenges you to be better. With all the reports and owner stats that it gives you, it’s like saving money. When you see your bank account start to grow, it encourages you to save more.” – Martino Cartier, Owner of Martino Cartier Salon in Sewell, NJ.

Add-Ons and Partner Integrations in the MeevoXchange® Marketplace

Meevo 2 has so many beneficial add-ons and integrations that even further enhance a salon or spa’s operations. From Docs & Forms, to Client Intake Forms, to the Self Check-In Kiosk, and so much more, the add-ons available in the MeevoXchange® Marketplace make going contactless and creating a seamless experience easier than ever. Some of Meevo 2’s partner integrations include Two-Way Texting with Textel, Intelligent Color Management with Vish, Payroll Solutions with ADP, and so many more.

“We’ve integrated client intake forms so when they come in they can fill it out, right on the iPad” – Michele Savell, Owner of TnT Salons in Pasadena, TX.

Are You Ready to Love Meevo 2?

It’s clear to see that Meevo 2 is loved by its users and that love continues to grow with each and every update. As MSI and Meevo 2 flourishes, so do our salon and spa clients and their businesses.

“We are constantly innovating new ideas. I feel like Meevo comes up with something new all the time, and we learn something new every day,” says Michele Savell.

Explore Meevo 2 today and answer the question: Are you ready to love Meevo 2?

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