Secrets to Success: Q & A with Nick Arrojo

February 22, 2019

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As an industry icon, Nick Arrojo’s signature razor-cutting technique is recognized and practiced worldwide. With three salons in New York City, an award-winning cosmetology school, professional product line, and one of the most respected Advanced Education Academies in America, Nick knows a thing or two about building a profitable business. We sat down with Nick in his salon in SoHo, NYC to pick his brain about his career and what it takes to build an empire as part of our upcoming Coffee Talk.

What are the key areas business owners need to focus on to be successful?

As a business owner, my job is not to give a hairdresser a client. My job is to develop the hairdresser’s career. So it’s a very different mentality. It’s almost like asking, “Do I want to feed you or do I want to teach you to feed yourself?” And of course, I want to teach you to feed yourself. Therefore, when the time comes for you to move on, you can have the tools to grow. I think for a young, new, salon owner, you must create that mentality that it’s all about building your brand while creating a great environment so you can attract the cast of characters to join.

You launched your brand with the line “give unconditionally.” How does that motto apply to salon owners looking to grow their business?

As hairdressers, we must be knowledgeable about what goes around in the world because it makes you a better communicator. When you’re a better communicator the client comes back, not just for the service, but to spend time with you. That to me is the hook that pulls someone in. I do believe that it’s not just about what type of talent you can put in, but also whether or not the hairdresser can be the most intelligent person around the table. I think they can because we deal with so many different types of people and the human condition.

What are the three biggest pieces of advice you would give someone looking to grow their business?

  1. Ask yourself “who’s in charge?” and if you’re the owner, the answer is you. I see too often that the kids run the shop. It’s your business, you have to make the decisions, so do whatever it takes to stay in charge and be a strong leader. The most important person in the salon is the owner. If they are grounded, then they have a chance to succeed, so always find something that keeps you motivated and inspired.
  2. Create a great training process — in all aspects. If you have a learning environment, then you’re going to constantly promote growth.
  3. Learn to forgive yourself. You’re going to make mistakes, and if you’re in charge without forgiveness, you don’t have what you need to make a clear decision. You must be able to wake up tomorrow and try again.

Coffee Talk with Nick Arrojo

We are so happy to have Nick share all of his knowledge on building a successful business in our second Coffee Talk of 2019! If you want even more advice from the ARROJO NYC owner, Register here and tune in at 1 PM EST on Wednesday, February 27, 2019.

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