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3 Ways to Improve the Salon Client Experience

May 19, 2023

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Advancements in technology are empowering your customers like never before. With information at their fingertips, consumers can now make educated choices between competing products, businesses, and more. With expectations at an all-time high, salons and spas must bring their A-game at all times. Here are some ways to refresh your customer experience to continue to retain clients while increasing your bottom line.

The Deskless Experience

Going deskless refers to removing the physical barrier between the front desk professional and the client. Without the front desk as a point of friction, employees instantaneously have the opportunity to deliver a personalized customer experience, as well as better implement selling strategies.

This, of course, does not mean bombarding a client to buy something as soon as they walk in or necessarily getting rid of your physical front desk altogether; Think of it more as creating the energy and space to provide better customer service. How many times have you walked into a service-based business, and your presence was barely acknowledged? It’s a terrible feeling. Without hiding behind a desk, your front desk team can give a warmer welcome to clients to start the VIP experience as soon as a client arrives.

Tailored Retail Recommendations

Retail giants like Amazon are affecting product sales at many salons and spas. So, how do you compete with the convenience and two-day shipping? You add fuel to what Amazon can’t provide: Tailored retail recommendations based on hair or skin type, style preferences, etc. You already know more about your clients than Amazon. You know how they like to wear their hair, if they have allergies, their aromatherapy preferences, what type of products they need based on hair or skin type, and so much more. Use this information to create the most personalized retail recommendations.

Get to Your Products

Educating your team on all the products you offer is the first step to selling more retail. Your staff should be trained to incorporate retail into each client’s visit from pre-service to check out. Using the products you sell during services allows your team to talk it up, as well as allows clients to see immediate results.

Use Games Such As “1 Benefit, 1 Feature”

Does your team understand WHY a client should purchase a product (beyond making your business money)? Quiz your team and test their knowledge of each product. Do they know at least one benefit (i.e. smooths frizz, tightens skin, moisturizes the scalp, etc.) and one feature (i.e. jojoba oil, organic ingredients, b vitamins, etc.)? It is especially important to include the front desk in this so they can finalize the sale with their knowledge.


Offering samples can build client loyalty as well as increase retail sales. If a client isn’t ready to commit to a product, offer a sample to take home and try out. They will be more inclined to purchase the product the next time they visit. Use your software to track each sample given so your team can remember to ask how they liked the product, as well as use it for marketing purposes if that product is involved in a promotion or sale.

Is one of your 2018 goals to sell more retail? Download our free guide to revamp your retail strategies.

Let Your Clients Be a Part of Something

As humans, we like to belong, so don’t be afraid to “label” your clients. Whether these labels are based on visits, loyalty points, years as a client, etc., people like being part of groups that imply a superior level of status. Furthermore, consumers tend to spend more when they feel they belong to an “elite” group of people. If you haven’t already, consider implementing a hierarchy (i.e. bronze, silver, and gold member, etc.) so your clients can belong to a group and be motivated to perform actions that help them level up and grow your business at the same time.


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