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Top Tech Tools for Customer Loyalty You May Be Overlooking

March 30, 2018

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Mobile devices are now involved in almost every aspect of our lives. As a result, your business must adapt to your clients’ mobile habits and cater to the expected convenience that comes with utilizing a mobile device in order to cultivate brand loyalty. This month, we’ve focused on client retention from all angles and now we will discuss some tech tools that can help boost your client retention.

Tech Tools That Promote Customer Loyalty

Here are some tech tools to consider adding to your salon or spa that will help you promote customer loyalty:

Tablets for Chairside Checkout. Ringing up products at the chair can have a huge impact on your retention. Studies show that there is a strong correlation between retail sales and client loyalty. Your clients trust you as the expert and completing the purchase at the chair helps seal the deal.

Two-Way Texting. Clients are using their mobile devices more than ever to purchase items, book their travel, rate experiences and communicate via text. Your salon or spa should be included in these mobile behaviors. Our partner Textel offers two-way texting that allows you to communicate with clients through your landline number. Catering to your mobile-minded clients will add convenience to your clients’ daily life as well as strengthen client relationships and satisfaction.

Free WiFi. This may seem like a no-brainer, but WiFi is a tiny perk that can make a huge difference for your busy clients who may be multi-tasking while they are in the chair. Need even more incentive? A recent survey revealed that 75% of respondents would rather go a week without coffee than a week without WiFi.

Mobile Charging Stations. Just like WiFi, providing your clients a power source for their mobile devices is a small, yet greatly appreciated perk. Whether you provide outlets by the chair or a charging station with secure compartments, both give clients the notion that you want to make their visit as convenient as possible.

Business App. Put your business in the palm of your client’s hand with an app for your business by Salon Clouds+. Mobile app capabilities bring the powerful metrics of your software full-circle with social media integration, reviews, marketing tools, and more. With access at their fingertips, clients will be more likely to interact, creating the opportunity for increased referrals, frequency of visit, and client retention.

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