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March ’23 Release: New Meevo Features & Updates

March 06, 2023

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The Meevo March Release is here! As always, we look forward to hearing how the latest enhancements support your beauty business and improve day-to-day operations. Learn all about the exciting new Meevo updates and how they’ll impact your beauty business in our latest Q&A with Andrew Clarke, VP of Product Development.


Q1. What new feature or update are you most excited about?


The update that I’m most excited about in this release is that we now support Google Tag Manager (GTM) with eGift and Online Booking. GTM is a free tracking tool and is extremely useful when used with Google Analytics (GA4). While GA4 is the hub for analyzing website date, GTM is the tool for collecting the data and controls and that information is then sent to Google Analytics to be analyzed.


Google Tag Manager can track the scrolling and clicks within eGift and Online Booking so you can see how many clients are scheduling appointments online or how many clients are making an eGift purchase. GTM also provides support for Meta Pixel and Conversion API.


Q2. What is one feature in this release that all Meevo users need to know about?


One noteworthy feature update I want all of our customers to be aware of is the enhancements made to Alerts Manager. With this improvement, our users now have the ability to receive alerts when docs and forms have been submitted, when a specific product is sold, or when an appointment has been cancelled by a client.


We’ve made a few other improvements to alerts that are outlined in the release notes as well, so I encourage all of our Meevo users to make sure they read through the full March Release. Fortunately, our previous January Release made it really simple to access the release notes through the new tile recently added within the help menu.


Q3. What is a recent feature release that has gotten customers excited?


The Meevo Color Themes solution that was made available in our last release has gotten some good hype. This new feature allows businesses to adjust the colors of Meevo’s task bar, SmartCenter background, and even Data Maintenance forms to match their business aesthetic and enhance their branding.


Q4. How will this release improve operations for our Meevo users and how they interact with guests?


Leveraging the right tools to streamline operations always helps free up time for more guest interactions. One particular enhancement that will add value to the customer experience is our new and improved ‘Feedback Submission Page’ format.


Now, when clients respond to Meevo’s 5-Star Reviews with feedback, they’ll receive a “Thank you for your feedback!” message and will then be prompted to leave a review on a social media platform. If the business has linked their Google Review URL in settings, the Google logo will also appear bigger than before so clients can see and click the button more easily.


As always, we greatly appreciate you being a part of the Meevo community. We can’t wait to hear how the tools in this release help your beauty business.


Don’t forget to view the full March Release Notes by clicking on the “?” button within Meevo and selecting ’Walk-Through Help’.


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