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5 Things All Great Leaders Do

January 10, 2020

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Great salon and spa leaders recognize how important their role and behavior is to the success of their business, and that creating a superior culture from the top down will help reduce employee turnover and improve productivity. Learn what habits you should be building into your routine to take your leadership and business from good to great.


1. Great leaders guide conversations with questions: Instead of coming across as accusatory when you don’t understand why one of your staff members acted a certain way, lead with questions in an effort to fully understand the situation. This practice will help diffuse tension between you and your staff, breaking down any communication blockers and creating a less hostile environment.


2. Great leaders create other great leaders: Recognize that there are natural leaders already working in your salon or spa and nurture their leadership skills to help them develop into more evolved and advanced roles within your business. Peer leadership is equally as important as the roles that have salon management titles, so mentoring their skills will help your business to attract more like-minded employees. Spa software like Meevo 2 can help facilitate this change with customized Smart Centers and advanced security roles.


3. Great leaders are honest and communicative: True respect is earned. Creating healthy relationships with all staff members and openly and directly communicating expectations with each person is essential to facilitating a great culture that creates that same honesty and communication within your salon or spa. Set goals and review reports with your employees so nobody ever has to guess what is needed from them.


4. Great leaders are always looking to learn: Never stop learning! Continue your own education in both your craft as well as business practices. Carving out the time to sharpen your own skills by reading industry whitepapers, blogs, watching videos, and webinars will help keep your business on the cutting edge. Your staff’s service skills will improve while your business expands to bigger and better things.


5. Great leaders invest in their business: Great leaders invest in their business by taking the time to hire strong team members, really learn how to best utilize their software, and keep up with best industry practices. They prioritize education for both themselves and their team and invest the time and energy that keeps it moving forward.
Give yourself a leadership makeover with these five tips and watch your business and people flourish before your eyes. If you loved these tips, let us know on Instagram and Facebook– don’t forget to share with another great leader!

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