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July 10, 2019

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Trends in the Beauty & Wellness Industry
As a thought leader in the Industry, Founder and CEO, John Harms has a lot to say when it comes to trends in the beauty and wellness space.

part one of his three-part trend series, he dives into how Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and where it’s headed. What do Siri, Alexa, and the Convo Bar have in common? Learn more about AI in beauty here.

part two, he discusses mobility in technology when it comes to salons and spas. Whether it’s offering secure online booking or a scalable solution that you can use on any device anytime, anywhere, John talks about where mobility can take your business. Have you ever considered a deskless front desk? Learn more from his video.

part three, learn about what client loyalty means today and if it even exists anymore, as well as how you can easily elevate and perfect your customer experience. Watch the video here.
Achieving Greatness
Millennium Systems International is going fast and there’s no sign of slowing down. With seven new Meevo 2 updates to date, there’s never been more to be excited about and look forward to when it comes to salon and spa software innovation. Who’s on board with Meevo 2? Watch to find out. 
Looking Toward the Future
We’re constantly working to improve our software offerings to increase the prosperity of salon and spa businesses. What else are we up to? Hear it directly from John Harms here.

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