Women in Leadership with Tracey Hughes

March 22, 2019

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Australian Hair Industry Hall of Fame recipient Tracey Hughes has a reputation for being an expert in education strategy, leadership communications, personal branding and being an all-around Rockstar in the industry.

After moving to the states, Tracey took note of all the amazing things her friends were doing and saw the need to create a platform to showcase these smart, successful, and confident women. Leading Ladies was born. We caught up with Tracey at the International Beauty Show in NYC to get her perspective on women in leadership.

Why do you think women in leadership is important for the beauty industry?

Over 85% of our industry is female driven. If we have valuable experiences and we can share them, then it’s important to do that. True leadership is giving back selflessly. We should be encouraging others to have the life of their dreams; to achieve their great career aspirations; to really be a leader of their own space. Developing those leadership skills for their own personal development also leads to business success.

Why do women make such great leaders?

The depth of emotional intelligence they have is really powerful. We can have intellect, we can have knowledge…but bringing the emotional connection into a leadership role is crucial. If we can use that emotion wisely, by thinking things through logically instead of reacting right away– that’s the key to great leadership.

Who are your Leading Ladies?

For me, these women fit in to one of five categories. They are: the icon, the educator, the entrepreneur, the artist and the influencer. Their diversity brings depth to our industry. We have the young innovators and the older generation with in-depth knowledge. It’s bridging a gap between those generations that has probably never been done before in our industry.

How is your leading ladies panel making an impact on women in leadership?

It’s honest. It’s authentic. It’s real. We’re not sitting on the panel as celebrities… we’re sitting there as women. I try to build each segment with a backstory, a business-driven component and a personal side. We address raw, deep issues that women face on a day-to-day basis. We’re creating connections that resonate with people.

What’s your advice for any woman out there struggling to gain recognition as a leader?

It’s a few things. 1. Find yourself a great mentor. It’s really valuable to get one-on-one coaching. Assist in events. Pound the pavement with these women. 2. Get yourself a solid website. Think about what your position is for your personal branding. Use social media. 3. We all must have a “why” behind what we do. We all need a purpose in life. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication. You must be willing to make a little personal sacrifice. But it will naturally evolve from there.

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