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15 Creative Ways to Celebrate Pride Month at Your Salon

June 07, 2024

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It’s officially Pride Month and we’re ready to rainbow it up in celebration of love, diversity, and inclusion!

For salons, this special event presents unique opportunities to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community and create a welcoming environment that encourages self-expression.

From fun promotional ideas to pride-themed services, we’ve got you covered with 15 unique ways to make Pride Month a bold and vibrant hit at your salon this summer!

Let’s Make Pride Month Extra Colorful at Your Salon!

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1. Go All-Out with Rainbow Decorations

Transform your salon into a lively celebration of love and equality by decking it out in rainbow colors galore. Think rainbow flags, streamers, balloons, posters, banners, etc. Take it up a notch and create a photo booth with a rainbow backdrop where clients can take fun, IG-worthy pics to spread the vibes and get your biz in front of new eyes!


2. Throw a Mini Pride Party

Host a Pride Month party at your salon! Invite clients and their friends to join you for an evening of fun, music, and celebration. Include activities like a mini fashion show, a drag performance, or a dance-off. Don’t forget to provide snacks and drinks in rainbow hues.


3. Create Pride-Themed Gift Cards

Design Pride-themed gift cards that clients can purchase for their friends and family. It’s a great way to encourage new clients to visit your salon while spreading the love and support for the LGBTQ+ community.


Bonus: Meevo’s nifty eGift solution lets guests customize their digital gift cards to suit the occasion. With a library of pre-loaded designs, clients can easily pick and choose from a variety of different themes to create the perfect gift to send to loved ones.


4. Run Pride Month Promotions

If Pride-themed promotions aren’t on the agenda this month, they most definitely should be. Offer enticing promos and discounts that’ll get the Pride vibes going and clients excited to join in the fun. Whether it’s a free add-on for a cute rainbow hair extension or 20% off Pride nail designs, be sure to highlight your special offers on your website, social media, Google business listing, and on-premise signage.


Bonus: Want more promotions ideas for the ENTIRE summer? Snag your free download of our new 2024 Beauty and Wellness Summer Marketing Calendar now!



5. Partner with LGBTQ+ Influencers

Try collaborating with local LGBTQ+ influencers and salon professionals to host workshops or tutorials at your salon. This not only supports their work, it also gives your clients new and creative ideas to try at home. Don’t forget to re-share their content on your social channels to extend your audience and reach more potential guests.


6. Create Inclusive Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns during Pride Month should celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and self-expression. In your promotional materials (online and in-salon), try to feature models and/or clients from different backgrounds and gender identities. On Instagram, use hashtags like #PrideMonth, #LoveIsLove, #SalonPride, and other relevant verbiage that supports the event.


7. Create a Pride Playlist

If T-Swift’s Lover album isn’t in the mix, add it now! Have some fun creating a curated playlist of empowering, uplifting, and inspiring songs that uphold diversity and self-expression. Be sure to include LGBTQ+ artists in your playlist, too. Music is a powerful way to set the tone and get your clients even more connected to the celebration.

8. Sell Pride Merchandise

Help your clients nail their Pride fashion with colorful t-shirts, tote bags, hair accessories, pins, and beyond. This not only adds to the festive Pride atmosphere, but it also gives clients a loud and proud way to show their support! You could even collaborate with local LGBTQ+ artists for unique and exclusive designs offered only at your salon.


9. Support LGBTQ+ Charities

Show your support by donating a portion of your proceeds to LGBTQ+ charities. Display information about the organizations you’re supporting in your salon and encourage clients to contribute as well. This can also be a part of your marketing campaign to attract like-minded clients.


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10. Offer Pride-Themed Services

Offer special Pride-themed services, like rainbow hair coloring, colorful clip in extensions, Pride nail art, makeup looks inspired by rainbows and the Pride flag, etc. Create packages that combine some of your Pride services for clients who want the full experience!


11. Host an Educational Workshop

Host an inspiring educational workshop for your staff and clients on LGBTQ+ issues, including gender identity, pronouns, and the history of Pride. This helps foster a more inclusive environment and shows your dedication to understanding and supporting the community.


12. Share Client Spotlights on Social

Post spotlight stories on Instagram or other social channels of your LGBTQ+ clients. Highlight their experiences, journeys, and what Pride means to them. This is definitely a more personal approach so be sure to respectfully ask your guests before snapping photos and posting in the moment. Sharing authentic and meaningful content like this is a great way to create a deeper sense of community and belonging.


13. Run a Pride-Themed Contest

Organize a Pride-themed contest for your clients like a hair and/or makeup competition where they can showcase their impressive rainbow hair designs and colorful makeup looks. Entice more entries by offering irresistible prizes like free services, gift cards, Pride merchandise, exclusive deep discounts, etc. When submissions are in, share them on your Instagram and let followers vote for their favorites.


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14. Participate in Your Local Pride Parade

Invite your salon crew to participate in the local Pride parade with you and support the community and cause together in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Create matching t-shirts or hats with your salon’s logo and Pride colors. Hand out mini goodie bags with a coupon or product sample along with your business card or a promotional brochure to parade-goers to spread the word about your salon.

15. Encourage Staff Participation

Get your team involved in some of the fun Pride Month planning and execution. Encourage them to share their unique ideas and contribute in other ways so they feel like they’re a part of the celebration. This will help boost employee morale and ensure everyone is on board and supportive of your salon’s inclusive values.


Ready to Make Pride Month Memorable and Vibrant?!

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By implementing these ideas, you’ll create a warm and welcoming environment at your salon that celebrates inclusion, self-expression, and diversity. Let’s make your salon a haven of acceptance where everyone can feel beautiful and valued!

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