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Are you Being the Salon Leader Your Team Needs Right Now?

April 17, 2020  /  By Jason Everett

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Have you ever wanted to be the leader your staff has always wanted?
Well, today I’m giving you some great tips and ideas on how to be that person!


As a salon owner, you might’ve noticed that things are a little bit different. As a leader, you now have the opportunity to step up and be the leader that your team has always wanted. So today, I’m going to help you become that leader and take advantage of that opportunity.


Here’s the thing, right now as a leader, you’ve got to decide what you want to do, because some leaders are stepping up and rising to the occasion, while some leaders are hiding and running away.


What can you do to make sure that you step up as a leader? Well, we’re in an interesting time, right? For the most part, some salons are closed right now and they can’t actually physically be in the salon. How do you lead when you can’t get all of your team together?


Well, here’s what I want you to know, that distance is dangerous and proximity is power.


If you think about that for a second, the further your team is apart or the longer you go without having team meetings, the more they will start to question things and worry about things.


Have you ever had that happen where you haven’t talked to somebody for a while and you start making up this story about all the bad things that are going on, how horrible things are, and you build this giant emotional story about what’s going on, whether it’s true or not?


That’s what you do when you get space, time and distance and that’s what everybody has right now.


One of the best ways you can prevent that from happening is bringing your team closer together. Inside our High Performance Salon Academy, one of the first things that we did when we found out things were starting to get crazy is we started instituting daily 6:00 AM Support Calls. They were not mandatory, they were optional.


We just said, “Hey, we’re here to support you every single day at 6:00 AM.”


That might be a big ask so we’ve reduced the frequency, and now we do them five days a week instead of seven days a week. But I will tell you the single greatest thing inside of our organization is making sure that when people are confused and overwhelmed, we upped their frequency of interaction.


We brought that distance closer together because we know the support calls are bringing them closer together in proximity. Even if they are in their own homes, you can bring them in on video calls and you can up the frequency of them and their proximity by bringing them close together.


When you have those support calls, a couple of things that are really important is to listen to what they’re saying, ask them questions and just give them positivity.


Maybe you read some inspirational quotes, maybe you bring in a guest, maybe you make sure that they do some working out or they just are doing something to take care of themselves.


Because what I know is that right now, everybody is in their head!


You want to avoid getting trapped in your own mind and in your own thoughts, and people need community now more than ever.


Your opportunity as a leader is to unite them in that community because that community is powerful and they love their staff when they work together in the salon. If you can help them love their staff, even digitally, while your salon seems far apart, it’ll make a world of difference.


If you want to step up and go even further as a leader, I also created a very simple six question leadership download for you to go and answer six quick questions and make sure before you approach your team again, you can get your mind right, you can be focused and you can make sure you guide them.
Jason Everett

About Our Guest Blogger

Jason Everett, High Performance Salon

Jason’s infectious high energy and drive to make everyone he meets the best possible version of themselves, has landed him on center stage in the Salon Edu-tainment scene. Jason is one of the founders of the High Performance Salon Academy which specializes in taking salons that are already successful and cranking up their success to an 11! Their non-traditional and unconventional approach to learning uses the latest in technology and social media strategies to quickly train and equip the most attention-strained owners, leaders and service providers on how to rapidly implement what they learn.

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