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Investing in Beauty Education

October 25, 2019

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Knowledgeable and happy team members are the key to a healthy salon or spa working environment that brings returning and satisfied customers. Taking the time to explore educational opportunities for your staff can not only reduce employee turnover, but help improve your culture, improve the quality of services performed at your business, improve customer satisfaction, and help your business advance to get ahead of your competition.


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Why investing in your team?
A common objection to investing in team education tends to be, “But what if I spend this time and money educating them and they leave?”


But creating long-term career goals within your salon or spa for your staff and showing that you’re invested in their personal growth, and reduces employee turnover. People want to work at a place they could envision themselves growing with and a business that cares about them.


Creating more enriching opportunities for staff allows them to advance their specific role and skillsets within the company which, in the long run, will enable you to charge more for your services through the added value.


Education for any budget
Whether you prefer remote and cost-efficient material like blogs, whitepapers, videos, webinars, and more, or love a more hands-on approach like conferences, in-person training, and trade shows, education is available to all salons and spas no matter their budget. Even if you’d like to attend an in-person event but can’t afford to send your entire staff, consider sending one key team player to attend and bring the knowledge back to the rest of your business to inspire change and development.


Consider selecting one or two people from your business to send to conferences and events that you’d really like to go to and have them run a training session at your salon or spa to educate the rest of your team. If you use Meevo 2, there are also Front Desk and Management Certifications available for you and your team to take to deepen your skills in your current role.


Learn more
To learn all things education in the beauty and wellness industry, check out our whitepaper on how to get started or continue your teams’ educational journey.


Want to see what types of classes and options your team has? Check out our blog on our Top 8 Favorite Educational Opportunities for 2019 and 2020.


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