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How to Plan Now for the Future of Your Business

April 04, 2020

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Although it might feel far away, taking the steps to prepare now for when your business does reopen will set you up for success. Let’s go over the steps you can take right now to create a better future for your business and how your salon software or spa software can help!


Revised marketing strategy


We’ve discussed some cleaning and safety best practices in our recent COVID-19 blog posts which you can find here:



A great way to start marketing your business you probably didn’t feel you had the time for, before is to start blogging. Blogging increases your searchability and credibility online, so that when clients emerge from self-isolation desperate to get their eyebrows done or get that stress-relieving massage, your business’ name will come up first on their list. Dive into our Beginner Blogging for Salons & Spas white paper to help get you started on your blogging journey.


During a recent exclusive client webinar (accessible through Millennium Academy), we discussed that this is also a great time to work with your service providers on upping their social media game.


Their pages reflect your business’ work, so teaching them how to use targeted hashtags, connect with clients, and share a body of work that looks consistently beautiful is a great way to attract clients back to your business.


Prepping for the rest of the year


What steps can you take now to ensure that the transition back to business as usual is as seamless as possible? If you haven’t already, enable Online Booking in your salon or spa software. This will help alleviate the influx of calls your front desk will receive and still ensure clients are getting back on the books.


It’s also a great time to circle back and focus on your core business strategy. Creating a rock-solid foundation will help your manage the wave of appointments upon reopening and will help keep your business on track with your larger goals and values. Want to review your business plan? Use this template to see if you’ve got it all covered: Business Plan Template for Salons and Spas.


Tools in Meevo 2 to help get ahead and stay ahead


InventoryIf you’re allowed in your business, this is a great time to organize Inventory. The best part is that you only need to document products with multiple sizes once by filling out their variants, and then it’s smooth sailing from there! Use this inventory time to also designate where the product lives in your business by assigning individual Floor Locations within Meevo 2 for simplified tracking!


Goals- Creating your business plan as discussed before will be extremely helpful when it comes to Goal Setting! Once you set goals for both your business overall and your employees, you’ll be able to easily visualize success with personalized Goals Dashboards for each individual member of your team. Setting goals and familiarizing yourself with it now will create a smooth transition when moving back into a regular working schedule.


Marketing toolsGeneric bulk messaging doesn’t produce consistent and effective results, and this is why Meevo 2 provides you with advanced tools that help segment your audience and create effective and beautiful customized messaging for your clients. New to email marketing campaigns? Don’t worry, we have templates.


Security- Meevo 2’s advanced security fused with mobility allows you to access the software from anywhere, makes it safe and secure for you to grant access to your team members to start working on some of these things now from home. Only allow them to see what you feel comfortable letting them see outside of your salon or spa, and keep the momentum, planning, and education going until everyone reunites!
Let us know what preparation tips you love the most! Feel free to like and share on social on Instagram @speakmillennium and our Facebook page. We hope you and your teams stay safe!

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