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How eGift Will Revolutionize the Way Your Clients Shop

January 03, 2023

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Did you know that the average gift card user spends an extra 20% beyond the value of the card? Let your clients give the gift of glam and relaxation with salon and spa eGift cards! Providing a convenient, shipping-free, and a stress-free gift option for friends and family will make you their holiday hero while you can:
  • Boost sales by bringing in new clients and increasing the average spend of existing clients
  • Increase revenue when clients spend more than their gifted amount
  • Effectively target new and existing clients with customizable options that keep your business on top
Take your marketing to the next level with personalized giving
By using innovative integrations and Business Boosters like eGift with Meevo, you can really take advantage of the full scope of opportunity available.


Customized gift cards that lead with your logo and branding keep your salon or spa top of mind to your clients. Gifts are meant to commemorate special occasions, so make sure that your gift cards are reflecting that with fun, customized designs so your clients can share their love for your business in a way that’s meaningful to them! You can also transform your eGift cards to fit any holiday like birthdays, graduations, and other major giving holidays.


No more generic or boring design options- you’re in total control.
Not quite sure how to build a buzz around eGifting?
Here are some of the best conversation starters for your service providers to have eGift flying off the virtual shelves and contributing revenue to your salon or spa. It’s the perfect way to run new promotions to increase FOV, easy to bring up in conversations, and can be featured right on your website for instant gifting abilities, taking one big errand off of their to-do list.
Transcend physical boundaries- Shipping packages to long-distance friends and family can really rack up a high price tag while sending money can seem too impersonal. With the digital gift card trend continuing to rapidly grow, eGift cards serve as a fool-proof gift to thoughtfully gift from far away. It’s a great way to better long-distance relationships and your business.
Keep them coming back for more– With all that time a client spends sitting in your salon or spa, it’s easy to drop into conversation what they’re most looking forward to about the holidays. And it’s even easier to suggest that they ask for a gift certificate from their loved ones to your salon or spa so they can relax even more on their visits and everyone wins. Genius? We think so.
The gift of relaxation- Just about everyone could use a little more quality alone time to recharge from their daily routine, which is why your gift cards are the best option. Whether they know an athlete in their life that could use a little R&R or someone in desperate need of a staycation, market how flexible your gift options are to help everyone in their life.
You can now supercharge Meevo with eGift, a powerful new business booster that integrates seamlessly into the software you already use. Whether your clients are scrambling for a last-minute gift or adding to a part of their thoughtful care package, you’ll be helping make their holidays (and every day) special.
Interested in trying this game-changing business booster? Schedule a demo today.

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