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13 Mother’s Day Salon & Spa Marketing Ideas to Warm Hearts and Boost Business

March 19, 2024

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Our mothers are our guiding lights, our unsung heroes, and our relentless cheerleaders, and we believe EVERY mom and motherly figure out there (stepmoms, grandmothers, aunts, mothers-in-law, big sisters, mentors, etc.) deserves to feel like royalty on Mother’s Day, don’t you?!

We’ve cooked up 13 lovable promotion ideas, plus must-know tips and tricks to help you knock your Mother’s Day salon and spa marketing initiatives out of the park and rake in some extra revenue!

Let’s jump in!

Mother’s Day Salon & Spa Marketing Tips to Boost Business & Delight Mom:

A mother and daughter in robes and towels playing with spa products and smiling at each other

1. Offer exclusive discounts and promotions

If promotions aren’t already part of your Mother’s Day salon and spa marketing plan, they most definitely should be.

Every mother loves to be pampered and appreciated, and she deserves it! Make the special day memorable by offering irresistible self-care promotions or a flat rate discount on any and all services of their choice.


It’s common to see new clients when offering discounted services, so be sure that your front desk professional is also comfortable speaking about your client loyalty program and trying to pre-book those first-timers.

 Mother's Day social media giveaway graphic

2. Run a Mother’s Day giveaway on social

Did you know that roughly 34% of new customers are gained from social media contests? Whether your goal is to attract new guests or cater to your existing client base, running a fun and engaging social campaign will no doubt help you get more appointments on the book, while boosting retention and loyalty at the same time!


Give participants the opportunity to win a day of pampering for a mom they know and love–maybe even sweeten the deal by making it a mother/daughter offer where they can enjoy some quality self-care time together!


Promote your giveaway by having clients post to their social media channels about Mom and ask them to tag your business + another mom or two they admire. Don’t forget to have them reshare your giveaway post, too, so you can extend your reach!

 a take home mother's day spa gift basket

3. Offer take-home self-care baskets

Create several pre-made baskets or build-a-basket options, where your clients can choose a gift card of a certain value as well as a few different products to encourage self-care time at home. Sell the baskets at a discounted rate based on the value of the gift card and the included products. Be sure to promote your offering with on-premise signage that catches the eyes of passers-by and existing clients!

 A Mother's Day salon and spa digital gift card

4. Promote digital gifting

When it comes to quick and easy Mother’s Day salon and spa marketing ideas, gift cards reign supreme. With Meevo’s eGift solution, you can offer your clients an effortless gifting solution that’ll save them from scouring a zillion stores in search of the perfect present.


Plus, who doesn’t love gift cards?! It’s no wonder nearly 30% of Mother’s Day shoppers purchased them for their mom last year. Whether you focus your spa marketing and salon marketing on a relaxing massage or touch-up treatments, remind clients that gift cards to your salon are the safe, secure, and timeless gift that keeps on giving.


Bonus: Meevo’s eGift solution lets you customize your digital gift cards so they match your salon and spa branding. Yay for that cohesive aesthetic!

 Women with champagne in spa robes at a spa together

5. Host a “Mom’s Night Out” event

Give moms a fun, relaxing night out filled with a little pampering and socialization! Sell tickets at an “all-inclusive” price and include a few optional express services for guests to try at your event. Send attendees home with goody bags filled with product samples and a thoughtful note or card honoring motherhood.


Don’t forget to provide hors d’oeuvres and champagne to really make it a memorable evening! Take advantage of the opportunity to get in front of new guests and existing clients by offering all attendees a special discount on any pre-booked service during the event. This will help fill your appointment book, increase your productivity, and boost your frequency of visit–yay!

6. Start promoting Mother’s Day specials about 3-4 weeks out from the holiday

Don’t wait until the week of to start promoting your Mother’s Day salon and spa marketing initiatives. Get a jump on your planning and prepping in advance so you’ve got plenty of time to build awareness in all the right places and entice guests to lock in visits ahead of time.


Set a goal for your entire team to book a certain number of appointments surrounding the holiday and encourage them to highlight your exclusive offers during visits, on their social channels, and through word-of-mouth.

 A woman checking out at a spa front desk with a male receptionist


7. Name-drop those specials at checkout!

Checkout is usually the last point of contact clients have before leaving your business so consider it your final shot to name-drop promotions, lock in the next booking, push products, etc.

Even if service providers promoted your Mother’s Day specials during treatment, now is the perfect time to give guests one last friendly reminder of the exclusive offers they won’t want to miss out on.

8. Promote via website and social media

Your salon and spa’s online presence is crucial for reaching new clients, especially when it comes to promoting your Mother’s Day specials. Leverage your website, social media platforms, and Google Business Listing to maximize your visibility and attract more guests in advance.


Feature your specials in a prominent place on your website with a pop-up message on the home page or an eye-catching banner at the top of every page. Use bold colors and fonts so it’s hard to miss and include a compelling call to action that creates urgency.


Make your promotions known on your social platforms via story posts and feed posts (just make sure to take them down once the holiday passes!) and encourage followers to reshare your content to extend your reach even further.


Meevo social media marketing tips

9. Create automated email and SMS campaigns + reminders in advance

Keep your salon and spa top-of-mind with clients by leveraging automated email campaigns and drip-dropping reminder emails and texts leading up to Mother’s Day. Sending timely and personalized messages ahead of time will help create awareness and excitement, drive more bookings, and set you up for a full (and manageable!) calendar surrounding the holiday.


Keep in mind which communication methods your clients prefer and be sure to craft your messaging to suit the experience. If texting is most popular, keep the message short, sweet, and to the point.

Segment your email list based on client preferences, past purchases, or engagement levels so you can personalize communications and craft your messaging to different audiences, maximizing the effectiveness of your campaigns.


Bonus: With Meevo’s email marketing platform, you can effortless create customizable emails from a library full of predesigned templates with dynamic features. Reaching clients and keeping them engaged has never been easier!  

10. Send targeted emails to past gift card purchasers

Run a report within your software solution to identify clients who purchased gift cards this same time last year. Remind them how much mom loved her gift last year and how easy it was to instantly purchase a gift card with Meevo’s eGift.

Be sure to highlight any new offers or upcoming events that are part of your Mother’s Day salon and spa marketing initiatives and create some spending incentive by spotlighting a couple new products or treatments in your communications.

11. Keep track of you Mother’s Day salon and spa marketing efforts

By tracking and analyzing your campaigns, you can easily identify what worked well and what didn’t so you can drive even more revenue next Mother’s Day. Were the gift baskets a hit or did they miss the mark? Which services were most popular across the promotions offered over the holiday? Which service providers generated the most revenue? The more you know your past performance, the better you can set yourself up for success.


Did You Know? Meevo’s reporting solution makes it easier than ever to know and grow your business with over 150 reports available at the touch of a button. Even better, Meevo’s Advanced Dashboards tool takes reporting a step further by allowing you to break down complex data in a simplified way without having to run individual reports. It’s a data dream!

12. Send reminder emails to all moms who received gift cards

As we all know, moms are superheroes. And since they’re probably juggling a zillion things, their Mother’s Day present might slip their mind over time.


Get ahead of a lull in your calendar and send out reminder emails suggesting they put their gift card to use and come visit for a little TLC! Include the balance of their gift card and be sure to suggest some services or even products they might want to use it on prior to booking. Don’t forget to mention any current promotions you’re running, too!

13. Offer mother-daughter packages for quality bonding time

Mother’s Day is the ideal time to celebrate the special bond between mothers and their daughters. Honor this one-of-a-kind relationship by offering guests specialized packages designed for mothers and daughters to enjoy some quality self-care bonding time together!


Tailor your experiences specifically curated for mothers and daughters to enjoy side-by-side. Offer a variety of treatments such as massages, facials, manis & pedis, conditioning hair masks, etc. that cater to their individual preferences and skincare needs. Customize the experience with pampering add-ons like champagne or chocolate-covered strawberries to enhance the experience.


Bonus: Meevo’s memberships and packages solution lets you cater to your guests on a VIP level by allowing them to swap and split services that fit their lifestyle and schedule (i.e. one 90-minute massage or three 30-minute massages). Mother’s Day is the perfect time to push for more membership sales and highlight it as something moms and daughters can share!


5 Steps to create a spa membership program


Make Your Mother’s Day Salon and Spa Marketing Extra Momentous This Year!

In celebration of the incredible moms who light up our lives, let’s make this Mother’s Day extra special! From engaging social media giveaways and irresistible take-home goodies to personalized pampering experiences, our goal is to elevate every mom to royalty status and nothing less on their special day.

Leverage these Mother’s Day salon and spa marketing ideas and make this holiday the most heartwarming and successful one yet!


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